What are some good stretches for a ballet 1 class and how can I obtain a lesson plan??

What are some good stretches for a ballet 1 class and how can I obtain a lesson plan?? Topic: How to write a lesson plans
July 21, 2019 / By Asceline
Question: I have been dancing for 15 years but this will be the first ballet 1 class I am teaching. The girls ages are 7-9. I am looking for some lesson plans online but am having a horribly tough time! I remember seeing Angelina Ballerina lesson plans a few months back but can't find them any more! Also what are some good stretches and maybe some easy routines for the class?
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Zeke Zeke | 7 days ago
I'm fairly sure dance teachers of any age are supposed to be qualified, in which case you would be able to write your own lesson plans. And if you were qualified, you would also know what good stretches were, and some easy routines, and so on.
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Zeke Originally Answered: Lyrical Modern Jazz/Ballet dance class?! Help?
To make this easier for the both of us I will split this up into the fallowing cattegories: Ballet, lyrical, jazz, modern, diet, your bag, and the combonation of jazz, lyrical, and modern all together. BALLET- first and formost, have your barre warm ups, kicks, and basic positions as well as poses down pat. That's the foundation. Second, recognize that pointe hurts, and pointe hurts alot. Your toes will probably bleed. But the finished product is beautiful and worth it compleatly. Practice good posture and you should be set with that. Also, practice turning as high on releve as possible. The closer you can get to pointe without the shoes the better LYRICAL- I would say do your homework online by watching a bunch of different lyrical dances. Every size and shape you can find. Also I would try to learn some choreography off youtube just to get comfortable with it. Improving a quick 45 seconds will really build up your confidence too. But do it to a song you know the words to. Lyrical requires some serious audience to dancer from dancer to character emoting and thought. Most likely you will have to become another person for the dance. MODERN- Instead of becoming a person, you might become a thing, or an aspect of a place. Modern is 100% interpritive and the 200% opposite of ballet, in every sense of the word 'opposite'. This you will probably have the most trouble with. You'll feel silly at first but you'll worse if you don't just let go. No one in the class will judge you because you will not be the only new face and they'll all have the same choreography as you. Try to find some good mind loosening activities to do before you dance, like meditation. Also, keep an open mind. JAZZ- This one might have you portray a character, place, or more likely, an idea or type of person. (think feirce and Diva) It is a very upbeat style and you might even be seeing some hip-hop moves, but not too many. So have no fear. Jazz will most likely be the easiest for you because its fun and upbeat and ebergetic. YOUR DANCER DIET- You've heard this a million times i'm sure but STAY HYDRATEDED!!! Drink water, and maybe coffe or caffinated tea, nothing col because it's not good for muscles and no sports or energy drinks because they are bad for you're heart. Eat lots of fruit, and leafy green vegetables, but you will also need sugar and calories or your body will get super confused, it needs something to burn! YOUR DANCER BAG- toe tap, jazz shoes, water, snack, extra elastics, anyhting used to warm up, phone, a book or something to do while waiting, pen and paper, extra pair of clothes, dance make-up and anything else you may need. THE COMBO CLASS- it will most likely be upbeat, with one slowerish part in the routine. It will most likely contain hip-hop moves and lots of artisty (applying make up thats not there artistry) it will have lots of loose and fluid movement to it and the class overall should be fun and educational. Have fun, good luck, and improve. Your technique should be throught the roof when you finishe!!!!!!!
Zeke Originally Answered: Lyrical Modern Jazz/Ballet dance class?! Help?
eat fruit, feel the music i dance like a idoit but when i acltually listen to the music and start to feel it you wont look like an idiot, and before you scan over this answer and forget it becasuse my answer was cheesey then youll never get through that class so try my advise just dont go too into it and start overdoing the dance moves either

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir
Try making the class fun by calling the girls dancers...my teacher does this. anyway... Start with some simple plies....then go into tondus with flexing and pointing their feet. Because most girls start pointework between the ages of 10 and 13, try some pre-pointe work. some series of releves on both one and two feet, and then some foot stretches. Center can be fun by teaching them a dance to some music, but first work on jumps and turn preparations. Hope this helps!!!
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Skidbladnir Originally Answered: Does anyone have any idea for a preschool lesson plan for 3 and 4 yr olds?
Pick something that will allow for varying degrees of learning, then you won't get "caught" by not having a lesson plan that is not accurate. How about "Plants/ Garden". Allow for open ended activities, such as planting a seed in a cup of dirt. Here are some ideas that you could bring along, and expand on (or not) as you need to: 1. Find a poster of a plant growing on Google images that shows roots, stem, leaf, flower. Bring in the picture along with your lesson. Depending on where the children are at in their learning, you can either talk about the picture with them and explain in detail what is happening, or just have the picture sitting by the table where the dirt is. 2. Bring in 3 or 4 packets of seeds in varying sizes and shapes. Pumpkins seeds are huge, many times flower seeds are tiny. Get seeds the kids would know, such as lettuce, carrots, etc. Again, depending on where the children are at, you can do Plan A- which would be to say that you wanted to make sure you had enough seeds. Plan B is to open the seed packets and put a few of one kind onto a paper plate. Have several paper plates lined up with each type of seed, and the seed packet nearby. Let the kids examine the seeds with or without a magnifying glass. This is very open ended. The students could say anything about the seeds, and you can call it "observation", which is one of the Early Learning Content Standards for Science. 3. For Art and Literature- use a Lois Ehlert book such as "Planting a Rainbow". They can make a flower out of construction paper, and you can put them all on a bulletin board. Plan A- cut out some large, basic flowers from construction paper and have the children decorate the flowers with paper confetti, mini-shapes, stickers, glitter, etc. Plan B- have the children cut a stem (straight cutting) and/or a large leaf from green construction paper to add to their decorated flower. And also, Tah-dah!! you have an Art/ Literature connection. This is just my opinion, but if it were me, I would be totally honest with the director about being prepared for various types of students. To make a lesson plan for kids you have never met is hard, and by showing her that you have thought about it and come up with several solutions means you are thinking things through in advance and really putting extra effort into the lesson. Good Luck!
Skidbladnir Originally Answered: Does anyone have any idea for a preschool lesson plan for 3 and 4 yr olds?
O.K., I just had a friend's daughter finish Pre K a couple of weeks ago. She had not been taught anything prior. He won custody of her, and her Mom didn't do anything with her. So I got her in Pre K in November, and in Georgia it starts the beginning of August. All I did was google whatever your lesson is, like recognizing letters and I found a ton of websites that literally tell you step by step things to do, crafts, songs, thinks you can print etc...I did this with her every timee I got her newsletter that told you what she would be studying the next week. So only one day, sometimes 2 I would have her coloring sheets, or crafts to make that went along with that week. Her Mother got her one time during the School year and kept her out 10 days, the max you can miss. But at the end of the school year (May 26th) she was made star student. I said all that to say, google my dear, but hear are some ideas: EnchantedLearning.com is an awesome one, fun.familyeducation.com is great, and then you just put crafts, or songs etc...www.first-school.ws has lots of printables. Just google.

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