First interview coming soon.Need Help Please?

First interview coming soon.Need Help Please? Topic: Basic job cover letter
June 27, 2019 / By Ash
Question: Hey! I asked questions before and everyone answered so intelligently, Thank you so much! :) Anyways, that made me wonder on other few questions as well. A lot of people say that you have to shake hand with "everyone". Since, I'm being interviewed in a small group, does that mean I HAVE to shake everyone's hand and does that also include the boss as well? Because I don't want to look awkward doing that you know. Also, when exactly do I give my resume to the boss and do I give it WITH the cover letter as well? Furthermore, a lot of the previous answers I got were that I had to state one weakness and back it up on how I'm improving it if the boss asks what are my weaknesses, well what if my weakness is that I can be real shy sometime...Exactly what am i suppose to say then since this is a marketing company and communication is is number one option for them i pressume. Finally, any tips on how I can be maybe more confident before the interview starts? Thank You sooo much once again :)
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Zeph Zeph | 9 days ago
Hey relax there are some tips on how to behave and get the most out of the interview process: 1- as you shake hand s tell the interviewers thanks for the opportunity. 2- It is OK to be a little nervous at the beginning state so upfront go ahead and acknowledge that so you can move on. It would help you later focus on the answers instead of trying to look you are nervous. 3- there are some basic questions interviwers always ask people e.g. A- tell me about yourself B why are you interested in this company (make sure you look at their website and their competition) C what are your strengths and weaknesses D what is going to be your contribution what do you bring!! Take sometime and rehearse with a friend or in front of the mirror. Wear a comfortable attire and a flat color tie red or blue, take a good bath and shave. Do not pick your nose or eyes while in front of the interviewers that shows immaturity, brush your teeth before going in, and last make an exit statement before exiting like " I really want this job and I look forward to the opportunity to work fro this company you wont be disappointed" Good luck and don't worry It will go fine...
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Sky Sky
You don't shake hands with everyone, only when you are introduced or introduce yourself. 'This is Bob, This is Paul' you say 'Glad to meet you' and stick out your hand. Or when you say "Hi, my name's Melvin". When I was a kid, you didn't stick out your hand to shake hands with a lady, you waited for her to stick out -her- hand first. But apparently women don't know this rule these days. 8^) When you hand your resume to someone you don't include the cover letter. The cover letter is a replacement for -you- in person handing them the letter. And I'd say to keep the resume in a briefcase or in an envelope in your pocket until someone asks for it. To ask you about your weaknesses is a really stupid idea. What do they expect you to say? So you say something -good-. "When it's time to quit I'm so caught up in work that I don't want to quit!" Well, that's kind of silly, but something like that. "I don't have patience, I always want to finish everything." Something like that. The truth is that your weakness is that you don't have a lot of experience and that's why you need this job! (You could even say that!) Look in peoples' eyes when they're talking, and especially when you talk to them. Smile a lot, like you're just glad to be there. Answer questions directly as if you're not trying to hide anything. They will never guess you're shy if you don't act shy. You're right that communications is very important in marketing, but it is in -any- field where you have to deal with people and explain things to them. Good luck! I think you'll do fine. Remember, every interview you do is a little easier than the one before.
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