HELP! Biology homework =[?

HELP! Biology homework =[? Topic: Photosynthesis helps humans
July 21, 2019 / By Ashley
Question: "Which chemical process is responsible for the incorporation of carbon dioxide (and thus carbon itself) into living systems? Explain its enormous importance" Please help!! I have to hand it in first thing tomorrow =[ xx
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Zerah Zerah | 2 days ago
Photosynthesis is a process that converts carbon dioxide into organic compounds, especially sugars, using the energy from sunlight. Humans then ingest this carbon. Is this what you need?
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I say this site. I had bio last year and I searched some questions from my homework on this site and it came up with the EXACT question and multiple choice answers.

Zerah Originally Answered: Biology homework PLEASE HELP ME?
C. Transcribed into mRNA The term "gene expression" can be vague but the definition is: the process by which a gene is used in the synthesis of a functional gene product. All gene expression must go through some sort of RNA. In the case of tRNA, rRNA, and various other small RNAs, the RNA itself is the functional product. Proteins must first be transcribed into mRNA, then translated into a functional protein. Hope that helps!
Zerah Originally Answered: Biology homework PLEASE HELP ME?
even in the journey that your instructor did no longer quickly coach it, it extremely is in all hazard on your text cloth e book. hydrophillic = water loving hydro phobic = water fearing (think of phobia=concern) a million) utilising good judgment, oils are made out of lipids, that are hydrophobic (water repellant). dry cleaners additionally use a hydrophobic molecule. uncertain why hydrophobic + hydrophobic = sparkling, yet you will possibly be helpful that water against a hydrophobic stain won't do something. 2) grease = hydrophobic (grease phob=x) anticipate cleansing soap is two areas (phob=o+phil=O) it's going to look like this oO so = cleansing soap grease cleansing soap might appear as if: OoxoO so as that hydrophobic molecules connect themselves jointly. (Phob+phob jointly because of the fact of drycleaner answer above)
Zerah Originally Answered: Biology homework PLEASE HELP ME?
c. transcribed into mRNA DNA carries genetic information in order of the four nucleotides in it's chains.

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