Acoustic guitar tune help?

Acoustic guitar tune help? Topic: Guitar case standard acoustic
June 17, 2019 / By Ashlie
Question: Alright so ill spend 10 minutes getting that awesome perfect tunning in my acoustic guitar; ill play a few chords and it sounds great! but when i play bar chords past the 6 fret; for example f-bar chord on the 8 fret it sounds flat; especially the high e & b string i play first string 7th fret with an open 2nd string(octaves) the e string sounds very flat but when i play the 2nd string 5th fret with open 1st string(same note) the pitch sounds perfect could it be my guitar? its a 1 year old 150$ acoustic its in great shape; guitar quality maybe?
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Zia Zia | 3 days ago
It sounds like you have an intonation issue. This typically causes things to get more and more out of tune as you go up the neck. You can test it by seeing if the note at the 12th fret is the same pitch as the 12th fret harmonic - if it isn't, the intonation is off. Acoustics seldom have perfect intonation, but normally it shouldn't be off enough to be noticeable while playing, unless there's a problem. Have you changed your strings lately? Old or damaged strings can cause intonation issues and this should be ruled out first. If your intonation was going sharp instead of flat, I'd ask if the action was too high, but in this case that's probably not the issue. Also, make sure you are tuned to standard pitch. Once other problems are ruled out, the way to adjust intonation is by changing the vibrating length of the open string by moving the saddle. This is easily done on an electric guitar, but on an acoustic the saddle location is fixed. To make fine adjustments on individual strings, you can have a custom saddle made with the top whittled ("custom compensated") to change the point at which the string contacts it. A guitar tech can do this for you. Larger adjustments would require filling the saddle slot and routing a new slot. With a $150 guitar, you might just consider replacing it if new strings don't help. It's possible (but unlikely) that the guitar was built with a mislocated bridge or frets, but that would be extremely rare in these days of automated mass production. Most likely, it's the strings or the saddle. P.S. You aren't using steel strings on a classical guitar, are you? That would definitely cause intonation issues. OTOH, if you did that, the guitar sure wouldn't be in great shape after a year...
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Slade Slade
You have some good answers. Another possible cause would be using strings far too light for an acoustic. I would expect possible intonation issues if you used anything lighter than a set starting with a .011.
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