How to add more excitment in my life?

How to add more excitment in my life? Topic: Debate no homework
July 19, 2019 / By Ashling
Question: everyday its the same for me . i wake up go to school come home , do homework then spend the rest of my time on facebook / tv. i have nothing fun or intreging to do and im very frustrated . i need ideas on things i can do . things that i can do ie . id prefer no movies, or shopping ideas rather some hobbies , extra cullaulria activities ...... thanks.
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Zibeon Zibeon | 4 days ago
Facebook and TV can be very addictive, but not so fun. Maybe for little amounts of time, but not after that. Here are some activities that I find fun/interesting: Art: Poetry, Painting, Drawing, Crafts of all kinds, Crocheting, Scrapbooking, Collages, and Sewing. There are so many possibilites with art, you can do/make just about anything! I'm currently making an afghan...before that I made a fleece tye-blanket which is so warm! You can also do projects to spice up your room. Redecorate: Redecorate your room, your life, your wardrobe, anything...just switch things up a little bit. You certainly don't have to buy anything, but looking at Flea Markets/Thrift Shops can sometimes be fun. There are so many unique things out there! Volunteer/Job: I have a job, but I also do volunteer work. Try to find a part-time job doing something you love. Or talk to an animal shelter/look around in your community to see organizations that would love an extra (free) helping hand. Exercise: Find something you really like to do-sports, dancing, running, anything...it will make you feel good and look great too! You can join a team or you can just do this on your own! School Stuff: Schools have so much to offer (not much interests me there, but maybe it will for you.) Newspaper, speech teams, plays, music groups, debate team, and the list goes on. Talk to friends, see what they are doing. Read/Study: Find more about something you are interested in. Or go to the library and find some good books to read. There are so many cool books out there! Relax: Listen to music, light candles, take a bubble bath, bake cookies (or anything tasty), or spend time with friends/family/pets. You don't have to be busy all the time, but you will appreciate time to relax more when you are. I hope this list helps! It is by no means even the beginning of the endless possiblities waiting for you! Have fun, Kai :D
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Zibeon Originally Answered: I feel like I've been going about life wrong. High school vs real life dilemma here?
You just have to find a balance between your school work and plans with your friends. Everyone struggles with this. If you set a time to go out with your friends and also time to concentrate on school, then you won't feel torn.

Sloan Sloan
You can go to your public library, play sports in school. Go outside or hanging out with friends. don't just sit in front of the TV all day!!! get some fresh air in your body. go to the park on a sunny day, sit under a tree and just let your mind wonder free. That's what I live to do. You'll feel much better!! Good Luck
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Orrell Orrell
Hi, You can read books, go to the bookstore and find something interesting, an author you like. You can take cooking lessons or dancing lessons. In my case I joined chair dancing because I am not as skinny as I want and it sounds fun. You can go for a run, or start taking pictures and participating in picture contests online. You can download software of things to learn, for example software to type better, software to learn another language. You can volunteer with red cross, or at a home, or at a place where you get to volunteer with something that you like, if you like to paint you can volunteer at a seniors home teaching them how to paint. Good luck!
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Lem Lem
well, i would say if there are any sports you like get into that i guess join a team or some kind of league.
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Okay, here's my story, it may or may not help. Every since I was four years old I wanted to be an actress. As I got older I discovered that I also loved to write and design costumes or anything theatrical. I get to grade eleven where you start college prep and suddenly I'm like, oh crap, I've got to be realistic, what are the chances that I'll ever make it like on a movie or tv show? So I get all these courses, start applying to programs like journalism, social working, education and blah, blah, blah. Grade twelve roles around and I get this phenomenal drama teacher and he took me to seminars, gave me books, pamphlets, and introduced me to some people in the local theatre industry and I discovered a whole world of options. As it stands now I still have to keep a second job to make ends meat but I'm 24 years old, I've been in probably 20 plays in the last five years, I've done three films (just local independent short films), I've had three of my original plays produced, I've directed five plays, designed, god knows how many costumes, I've done light and set design and a million other little jobs around the play house. While most of those jobs haven't been paying jobs the ones that did pay paid really well. I may never be able to quite my second job (I always make sure it has day time hours and lots of flexibility) and if I can I may never make a butt load of money, but I'm happy. I suppose what I'm trying to say is don't let the big picture freak you out, find little things that can make you happy. Start a jam session with other musians in your area sinse you like to play music, you may never cut an album but you will be doing something you love for a few hours every week, take the things you enjoy doing and do one of them everyday, don't worry so much about the future, it will happen no matter what, just try and enjoy the present, it took me awhile to learn that. Sorry if I rambled, I hope this helped you out a little bit at least, take it easy!

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