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July 21, 2019 / By Ashlyn
Question: my husband has an interview to work in grants pass in oregon, it is a good offer, but his friends told him its not easy to live there since we live now around NewYork city, and grants pass is a small town. do you have any idea about living there? thanks
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Zidkijah Zidkijah | 5 days ago
I have never lived in NYC but grew up in and around Chicago. We moved out of Chicago after someone attempted to mug/purse snatch my wife twice. There is going to be real culture shock for you. No 24 hour health clubs. Dark, few street lights. Quiet no traffic all night and no sirens/car alarms, etc. Shopping is limited and you have to learn to shop well ahead of anticipated need. We live in a small town in Northern Wisconsin now and we go food shopping 30 miles away once a month and keep 3-6 weeks of food on hand in case of bad weather, or just don't want to drive that far that weekend. Oh, no pizza slices from street vendors. Few or no museums, little restaurant variety, higher prices for some products. Not many take out places. If you don't know how to cook or plan then you better learn But, you can probably go on vacation for 2 weeks and leave your house unlocked so your neighbor can come in and water your plants. Your kids can play outside and you can feel that they will be safe and your neighbors will watch out for them too. If you are a runner/athlete the cleaner air is going to feel good and you will live longer. You will get to know your neighbors and they will help you, but expect you to return the favor. People are more open and friendly, but then everyone knows everything about everyone else. Teen agers will hold the door for you, people smile, look you in the eye and say hello to strangers. Cost of living is lower, Much lower. My home in the woods would be 8-10 times what I paid for it if it was within 100 miles of Chicago and you could not buy my home within 200 miles of NYC. Schools tend to be better in small towns, teachers are more involved and interested in children and you are expected to participate in your children's school activities. I used to live in Eugene and Portland, Oregon. Grants Pass is pretty remote. Several hours from both San Francisco and Portland. But small town people do create their own entertainment. Fishing, hunting, community activities. Dress tends to be pretty casual, forget that little black dress and 4" heels. Jeans and a nice top are appropriate anywhere, anytime in a small town. One thing, just because you are from NYC don't assume you are better or know better than the locals do. Remember they have been living there a long time and you are going to totally different environment and really know nothing. Be willing to learn how to fit in. I had an offer to go back to Chicago several years ago and my wife told me to start divorce proceedings first before I left because even though her family still lives there she would not go back. She grew up within the city but would never return. If you are flexible, friendly, open and able to accept change, you will find small town living a great experience. If you believe that Times Square is the center of the universe then I would not go there. Oh yes, there is a time warp when you move to a small town. No one is in a hurry. There is a joke in rural Wisconsin that a traffic jam is 2 farmers on tractors waving each other through a 4 way stop sign. Relax and smell the roses, or in the case of Grants Pass the fir trees. Oh, remember that depending on what your husband does the job he is getting may be the only one in town. So if he gets laid off or decides to leave then you may have to move again. Also you may find that your career opportunities are limited and progress may be slower or blocked at a certain level. If he is serious I suggest that you go with him on the interview and you plan to spend a few days or a week just getting to know the area. If you have any questions feel free to IM me.
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Hi. My wife and I have lived in Oregon/SW washington for the past 9 yrs.The first thing you'll here if you are considering Portland is its cheaper in Vancouver Wa.Unfortunately housing costs have skyrocketed in last few years.Check the local paper websites.oregonlive.com for the oregonian and columbian.com for vancouver wa paper. keep in mind if you live in vancouver and work in oregon oregon still witholds state income tax which you file back for at the end of the year.sales tax is 8.1 in washington.So you choices are 9.5 percent tax on everything you make living and/or working in oregon or8.1 percent on all your taxable goods purchases(sure you can jump the border and buy taxable goods. Any way we are looking to move out of the area due to cost and the fact I don't personally agree with the eoregon politics. Stil can/t find a statute on any google search how oregon cab withold tax from non residents who arent allowed to vote on hopw the money is used Sorry so long winded Good Luck
Zidkijah Originally Answered: What is the cost of living in Oregon and where in Oregon would be a good place to live?
I'm thinking of making the move there myself. I lived in Portland for a few months about ten years ago and loved it. I don't want to go back there, per se, but I want to move back to the western part of the state someday. Cities of interest are Eugene, Salem, Band, Redmond, and of course, Portland. The taxes aren't bad, but it's lame that you can't pump your own gas. I heard property taxes can be bad in some areas though.

Sloane Sloane
I've lived in Gold Beach, down the river from there. It's a small town totally different from city life. There is a lot to do if you like the outdoors. You are very close to the wilderness. The direct (shortest) road over the mountains to Gold Beach is closed by snow in the winter. Otherwise, it is a "local knowledge" travel at you own risk one lane road with log trucks. On the other side, the town of Ashland is world famous for its live theater and festivals. I've lived in NYC as required by a job and find the quality of life better in Oregon. Also no sales tax.
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Orrin Orrin
It's...very eclectic in Oregon. The town of Portland in particular. I fairly find it irresistible, regardless that. The nation elements/rural of it are lovely. I reside in Seattle, however I consult with Oregon always (used to be there final Wednesday by way of Sunday).
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Orrin Originally Answered: My chances at the University of Oregon?
Firstly, I am speaking from the view of an outsider who has never attended this university. I cannot see any reason, based on the information given, that you would not be accepted. I don't know of many schools with an acceptance rate that high. I know my Alma Mater did not have an acceptance rate that high, and I was able to attend with a lower GPA than yours. You have good grades, and a well-rounded background with extra curricular activities. A lot of schools at this tier (public state colleges) have programs in place to assist with students that they feel deserve a chance to gain admission, but are not quite ready yet. While I don't believe you fit into that category, I just wanted to tell you that college's will work with prospective students if they feel it is worth it. A lot of it also comes down to finances. They want to make sure they admit students who have ways of paying for their education, either through scholarships or financial aid, because colleges are a business after it is all said and done. You cannot run a university without profit. I have friends on admissions boards at both public and private universities in the state of Indiana, and I have had lengthy discussions with them about what these boards look at for students. I would say that your chances are great, and if I were you I would not worry about it too much. :)

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