Help with mite bites?

Help with mite bites? Topic: Research papers on help desk
June 17, 2019 / By Ashlynn
Question: 2 days ago i woke up with a bunch of tiny red bumps on my arm. Then today i found very tiny bugs or mites crawling on my arm and also found them crawling on paper on my desk. i have tried to research them online but not sure what they could be. they are very tiny (pinhead sized). and the only place i have found them is on my arm and my desk. the bumps dont itch and i havent gotten anymore bumps anywhere else and the bumps on my arm dont appear to be getting worse or better. i do have dogs and cats. not sure if they could be bird mites cuz i dont have birds but do have birds that nest around the roof of my house. also no one else in my house has any bumps. any help identifing the bugs and how to get rid of them would be very helpful.
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Zion Zion | 6 days ago
Could be bed bugs. They wouldn't leave a mark, however, the red bumps on your arm are probably natural.
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Sly Sly
TERMITES! if they are really that small, are kind of lighter in shade, are found mostly on cheap quality paper and your desk [desk is probably make of wood] and your bed i suppose.. then they are definitely termites.. [ i hope im right ^o) ] if you dont take action against that, that table will turn into dust very soon... plus youll go nuts. get any insect killer [preferably baygon anti-termites] that doesnt damage wood, and put them wherever youve spotted them ... for yourself, take this solution called MOSPEL... put it on your hands n feet [all open areas] vefore you go to sleep. mostly insects stick to one person because that person's blood is tastier than the others. ive had that experience, instead... i was one out of 27 in that holiday mansion.. good luck!
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Orson Orson
If your bites do start to spread and they do begin itching, you should see a doctor for a prescription for scabies. Obviously, it doesn't seem like you do but both are mites and I want you to know what to do in the event your condition worsens.
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