Engineers: Have you noticed this about our profession?

Engineers: Have you noticed this about our profession? Topic: Management and problem solving skills
July 16, 2019 / By Asia
Question: I'm referring to Mechanical or Electrical engineers, in a corporate environment , as opposed to computer programmers and as opposed to licensed Professional Engineers who are in construction. Anyways, every job i've had is depressing, because they basically tell us that our job is to cut costs and little else. My last job required all engineers on their staff to cut costs on existing products by 200,000 dollars. We don't get a bonus for doing this, or a percentage of this cut. It all goes to the company's bottom line and we get nothing. And it's part of our job description, so if we don't do it, we can get fired. No wonder the chinese are taking over everything. While the U.S. pays its engineers to cut costs rather than to innovate, the chinese are free to pay their engineers slave wages to do real engineering (they still suck at it, but we have plenty of traitors running to china every day to train them, so they'll catch on soon enough). What careers exist for a fed-up engineer who wants to actually get paid to create, not destroy.??? hey warren - It's not my job to cut costs. It's my job to put to market on a razor thin budget and impossible timeline products that the sales team sold. If the company thinks that we need to reduce the costs of existing products by outsoursing every single component to china, they can pay a 1st year engineer to do that. My time is better spent on keeping the company growing, not fcking around with screws that cost .012 cents vs. 0.011 cents. Catch my drift?
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Zuph Zuph | 9 days ago
In most companies engineering is viewed as a cost to be minimized as much as possible. The fact that it is our work that encourages a customer to buy the product isn't easily measurable. A sales department on the other hand can easily show increased sales numbers and are rewarded for it. Engineering development cycles can take years and the effect on sales is usually less obvious. It is a fundamentally flawed system in that it encourages more BS and less innovation. It has made executives and upper management look good to share holders for decades though so I don't see it changing any time soon. As far as what careers are available for fed-up engineers, I would say that depends heavily on what exactly you're willing to do. Engineers have an unfortunate stigma attached to them that can make getting work in other fields difficult (at least in my experience). Even non profits seem hesitant to consider an engineer which confuses me. In general I would say you're going to have to consider taking a severe pay cut and probably start working at the bottom. The the basic skills you've learned being educated as an engineer will help in almost any field where problem solving is important but people doing the hiring will probably not understand that.
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Solly Solly
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Osbert Osbert
Let me see if I understand. They want you to do your job and you don't like it? You do your job, save the company as much money as you can, and be thankful they put up with you. Our job as engineers is to make the company money. That is the bottom line! Don't think they owe you more than a paycheck, because they don't. You will leave as soon as a better position comes along, so why should they treat you like a spoiled younger son. I doubt you are making slave wages. If you aren't happy with your position, start your own company, like I did, and sweat over every payroll and tax payment, rent, utilities, travel, and other associated costs, plus find a way to save money your employees waste because they think it grows on trees. And don't ask ME for a job. I only want good engineers who love their work and do whatever they can to help me succeed. Complainers are a dime a dozen. Here's a dime...
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