Does anyone other than me feel down about the passing of Bettie Page?

Does anyone other than me feel down about the passing of Bettie Page? Topic: Essay on my favourite icon
July 21, 2019 / By Aspen
Question: Bettie Page died at the age of 85. She was one of the worlds most beautiful women & brave enough to follow her dreams in a time when that wasn't proper. I respect her & always will be stunned by her timeless beauty. She was 61 when I was born, yet I felt a connection to her. Pop culture will not be the same without her, but her essence will live forever. Bye Bettie, Heaven just became more stunning! Be sure to pay extra special attention to the "leggy photos" ;-) http://www.bettiepage.com/photos/index.html
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Aaren Aaren | 10 days ago
I loved her. I have an essay about her: Betty Page The girl-next-door American icon By 1957, when she inexplicably disappeared from the spotlight, she had become the hottest babe in the world. The arc of her fame led from the camera clubs, to the men’s magazines, to Irving Klaw and to Bunny Yeager the "Prettiest Photographer in the World". Yeager brought out the best in Betty Page in her ideal milieu, the beaches of Florida; her skin a flawless suntanned sheen, her infectious joy lighting up that thousand watt smile even brighter and her natural intimacy with the camera making you swear you were there. This was a more innocent time. Pin-up was not pornography and girlie pix were not gynecological. Full frontal nudity wasn’t published and photos revealing pubic hair were prohibited from the US Mail. Acting was Betty’s dream. But Hollywood and then Broadway rejected her due to her immutable Nashville accent and maybe due to her powerful build. She never looked like she needed a leading man to lean on. She was more Daisy Mae than Marilyn Monroe. Her regimen was ascetic: natural foods, no tobacco or alcohol, frequent workouts at the health club, long swims. She once beat several Navy men in a swimming race, much to their chagrin. Betty once said that she was "happy as a lark, stark naked." Her photographs are not about sex but about exuberance, the sheer, physical delight of corporeal existence. Betty is Eve before the apple. She has no shame. She is in her favorite place, doing what she loves best, her magnetic vitality transporting us all. The secret of Betty’s appeal isn’t mysterious. She found perfect pleasure in simply being alive. And she gave it to us.
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Solomon Solomon
Sure, Betty page will be missed... She would do an article or make a statement to the press once in awhile, but for the most part she chose to live a private life... Hopefully people will respect that and not seek after her private years... Her years in public life however she was graceful enough to bless (or should I say Tease) us with... Betty was awesome! It is said that there are John Wayne fans and then there are Clint Eastwood Fans... I like Clint Eastwood and I cried when John Wayne died... (When John Wayne died I'd already been watching and idolizing him for years... Eastwood? Well we'll see if he cries when I die before making that call... LOL!" I also would argue that there are Marylin Monroe fans and then there are Betty Page fans... I loved Marilyn Monroe, but I cried when Betty Page Died... "Monroe had been dead for several years already when I began to notice women were totally awesome objects with... Well, as "Al Bundy" put it "Not Big Guns, I said Big 'Uns"... Betty Page has remained the "Blast from the Past" over the years and been the inspiration for some of the most beautiful women in the Punk and Goth scenes... Her career as history's number one Catalog Model featuring Bikinis, Lingerie and Fetish should make the world think twice about ****ing with the USA... 'cause Betty is the Bomb and she's being painted on warheads all over the world as we speak! R.I.P. Betty...
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Osborn Osborn
Not by a LONG shot! ! ! ! I'm sure there are hundreds of thousands of her fans that are saddened by her passing. I grew up with the Queen of B&D until she retired. I inherited original photo sets of Bettie that my Old Man bought back in the 50's when I was a kid, that I wouldn't take a grand apiece for. I have a copy of an oil painting of Bettie in PVC with piercings. It was always a wish of mine that I could do the procedures on the REAL person.
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Lennon Lennon
God no, you're not the only one, she was an icon and a revolutionary in fashion, beauty, and modeling. I honestly didn't know she had died until now, but I have admired her for a long time. RIP one of the most beautiful women ever captured on film.
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Jair Jair
Yes I had the privilege of meeting the lady three times. She was a wonderful person and a truly honest humble Lady. She never understood why men and a lot of women found her beautiful in both body and spirit. The US lost a fine citizen when she died. May God keep her safe in the new world she is lighting up.
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Foley Foley
Leggy one GOD BLESS you I don't know what else to say I did check out the leggy photos timeless beauty she had as do you. good day YOUR DINO
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Dave Dave
adequate to make me satisfied yet i have not were given a volume for you. i ask your self if both my mum or her boyfriend receives her on them, although they have both already were given pin-ups... yet yet another pin-up babe does not damage <3
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Ballard Ballard
honestly i did not know who betty page was in till a while ago she was before my time i am only 17 right now in did not know she existed in till 5 minutes ago sorry that she died SRV~~~>
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