What do you consider to have been your greatest personal achievement?

What do you consider to have been your greatest personal achievement? Topic: Drugs are bad essays
July 23, 2019 / By Audra
Question: What would you consider to have been the most wonderful moment or greatest achievement of your life (not including having children) and what did you achieve and how and why did you do it? Also, on the flip side what was the worst situation you ever faced in your life, what were the consequences and ultimately what lesson did you learn from it? Thank you.
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Abbey Abbey | 7 days ago
Mine would be completely overcoming shyness, social anxiety, low self-esteem, whatever they call it now. I did it on my own without having to be put prescription drugs. I learned meditation and yoga and I choose to live my own beliefs and accept what comes, always as a gift. On the flip side, out of the blue, my son, in high school at the time, was arrested for terrorism shortly after the Columbine incident, he was a good student but sent an e-mail to someone that his English teacher had lost his essay for the second time and he had to do it over again and he typed some threatening words toward her. That's all it took. He was hauled out in shackles, the local TV news was in town asking every 8 year-old if they were afraid...it was h***. To make a long story short,he spent 8 weeks in juvenile detention and a got a reputation to go with it. I learned from that how things can change in an instant and we are not in control. We can think we are on top of the world, do everything right and all it takes is one slip-up and you are front-page news. I will never judge anyone when I read their story on the front page of the paper, or on the newscast because I know the news reporters don't tell the whole story, only the parts that will draw the most viewers.
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Abbey Originally Answered: Is not killing myself considered an achievement?
Try stating it as "Overcoming anxiety". This is also a good lesson on how to state things in a job application.

Spirit Spirit
The greatest achievement for me was inner enlightenment. Getting answers to questions, that I have known my entire life, but actually being able to achieve an inner understanding, about why, how, and for what purpose humans are here. ( Not religious in any way) The worst situation I have ever faced was post par tum depression, that I was completely alone to have to deal with. I was almost suicidal. It was the most horrible thing I have had to endure. No one to talk to, and the father of my son made it worse. The lesson I learned was to never do it again, and is a partial reason why I only have one child.
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Oswald Oswald
Richard Dawson? The Guy from Hogan's Hero’s? The guy from Family Feud? I don't get it.... ....OHHHH! Dawkins. duh.... :-) I believe that any enlightenment one achieves, spiritual or not, is best defined and appreciated and celebrated by ones own happiness brought with the revelation. Being an atheist can be difficult in our world. In the US there are, as you likely know, strong conservative religious groups that would have everyone fall into their line. Moving beyond that pressure and coming to ones own sense of understanding as an individual, whether Atheist, Agnostic or Catholic is a great achievement. I like the pagan beliefs more than most other modern religious doctrine. I find the earth and the universe and all it’s wonders far more fascinating than worry about my brother’s wife and my neighbor’s perversions. At least the older beliefs keep their nose out of the individual’s life, for the most part. And of course, attaining true atheism would be a level of enlightenment that might well deserve praise. But, any truly enlightened person would not need or rely on the praise of other to validate their beliefs or feelings, as I am sure you know. :-)
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Leroy Leroy
Biggest achievements were getting my degree and teaching credential in my late 40's, running a marathon on my 56th birthday and recognizing and pursuing my passion which is working with foster children. Sorry I can't narrow it down to one. Worse situation was watching my 3 children all go through marriage/relationship breakups all within 1 month. And sadly, there are 4 babies involved in these messes. I've learned that there's not much I can do but be there to listen. I tried to fix things for them but realized that's impossible for me to do, it's up to them. But come to think of it, that realization is a pretty good achievement too.
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James James
My greatest achievement was long ago when I taught a friend to read. He was 27 yrs.old. About 2 yrs.ago he called to tell me he had completed the task I gave him all those yrs.ago. He read the College Bound Reading List which is one hundred books covering American Literature,World Literature,Biography/History,Science,Soc... Science,Drama, and Poetry. I know that I had only a small part in his accomplishment, but it gives me great satisfaction. As to your second question.I'd rather not share.
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Fowke Fowke
Not necessarily in order of importance 1. Two fine sons 2, Education - three academic degrees 3, Third ranking administrative officer of a college 4. Sergeant - United States Army 5. Selected first in my graduating class in college. 6. Academic rank - Professor 7. Finding TLWGTFIHE Worst - failed marriage
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Java is now the world standard for basic programming in colleges and high school. Though it's nice to know that you taught yourself, it's not huge - anymore. There are so many resources to learn the basics of programming. Plus Java gets extremely complex the further you go... If you built an entire web platform or created an android application that did something new, it would be very impressive... The other issue with learning programming languages like that on your own is that you pick up bad habits when you actually do program... And trust me, I know... I have had my fair share of bad habits and implementing over-simplistic ways to solve a problem... Then you move on to the next part, and realize that the algorithm won't work for what you're going for... However, though it's not a huge accomplishment, it's definitely a turn on for anyone looking at you. It means that you've taken initiative to actually learn and that you want to develop.... It's definitely a plus in the sense that you're looking to achieve something great.

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