I have a few questions.?

I have a few questions.? Topic: Female author writing as male
June 27, 2019 / By Audrea
Question: first, has anybody read Me of Little Faith by Lewis Black, and is it a good book? do you recommend it? i'm reading it weather you do or you don't, i'm just curious what you think. second, somebody out there posted a question saying they wanted evidence that god existed and one girl wrote "it's not our job to prove anything to you.", so why is it that MOST ,not all but deff most christians are against gays and trying to stop them from marrying and they are trying to convert nonbelievers so that they can "save" them and all the other things you people do. (again, not talking to ALL christians, but most of the ones i know and trust me i know a lot)
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Abbi Abbi | 8 days ago
Hello Dennis, I will try my best to answer your questions. Space will not allow me to get into depth, but you can E-mail me if you like. Or click on my 360, I have a lot in my blogs you may find interesting. 1) Okay,I have not read Lewis Black, but I will try. Maybe we could read it together somehow and compare notes on line. 2) As far as proving God does or does not exist, there are 2 authors I recommend who give unbiased scientific information that may help you: 1) Dr. Hugh Ross, PhD. He is an astrophysicist. His book "The Genesis Question" is written in laymens terms so you don't need a PhD to understand (good thing for me LOL). The other author is Ken Ham, who wrote "One Blood: The Biblical Answer to Racism". Anything by these 2 authors takes a scientific approach to the questions you are asking. 3) Regarding homosexual marriages: You ask why CHRISTIANS are opposed to such; it's because as Christians we believe the Scripture (and some of us have actually studied and searched diligently for answers in the Scripture instead of just listening to others). God created us to reproduce, to multiply and replenish the earth, it takes male and female to do such; remember God breathed His own breath of life into Adam and Eve was taken from Adam's side. Kind of like surgery, I like to think of it as the left side because the heart is on that side. Eventually, after the fall, sin entered and everything God created for good, the enemy of our souls and counterfeited and tried to corrupt, deceive, and pervert. Now, I am sure you have heard the Scriptures regarding homosexuality in the Bible. I will also say that sin, whether it homosexual or heterosexual brings heartache. Some people seem to engage in homosexual sin and some in heterosexual sin. The point is, we will be tempted by sin, and we have all struggle with certain sin. But it is not being tempted that is sin, it is engaging and entertaining the temptation that births sin. The enemy, satan (adversary) would so decieve us and bring confusion to our minds to cause anger and rebellion against God, who wants what is best for us, that we allow ourselves to be biased one way or the other and cannot comprehend Truth. Also, it is not the job of the Christian to convert or "save" anyone. We can't do that. Only the Holy Spirit can do that. But we can preach, teach, pray, share, encourage. We can disciple people, but we can't save anyone, only the Holy Spirit can touch the heart. We can present the Truth and be there and love you. Hope this helped. Feel free to E-mail if you like. I would like to share more with you some time. Huggss to you.
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Stacey Stacey
Lewis Black is not an expert on religion. He grew up Jewish but I think today he would describe himself more as agnostic (but then, having been brought up Jewish myself, I can tell you that Judaism does tend to be agnostic). I enjoy Black's work, I find him very funny, and he reminds me very much of Jewish relatives I had when I was a kid growing up. I would think Christians would find him a little blasphemous, and also very negative, just in the way they'd find George Carlin negative even if they never heard Carlin's comments on religion. As for the second part of the question, Christianity is all about BELIEF. Salvation is the object of life and salvation depends on belief, not on moral or ethical behavior (though most Christians believe that is important too). If you argue with a Christian's beliefs, they don't know how to handle it. You can't prove beliefs to someone, you can only present them, and the person can then believe them or not. When asked for 'proof', Christians will quote the Bible, and beyond that they're helpless. Religious tenets can't be proven and don't need to.
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Othello Othello
Christians do things based on what the Bible tells us we should do (or atleast we are supposed to, some don't). So we evangelize because the Bible says to tell others about God, we are against homosexuality because the Bible defines it as sin. I've never read that book you asked about, and I probably won't. Lewis Black bothers me, he's so negative about everything. He is funny every once in awhile, I just can't stand to hear him for very long because it gets old quick. Read a whole book by him would just be too much.
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Les Les
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Jamey Jamey
the kingdom of Heaven is within...Gods laws are written on the hearts and in the souls of His children...you know the truth it is in you but the anger that has grown in you is clouding your sight... always nosnod
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