This is a fantastic article, and I would like to know what you think of it:?

This is a fantastic article, and I would like to know what you think of it:? Topic: Science fair conclusion statement
July 16, 2019 / By Aundria
Question: It is short, so please read and tell me what you think of the statements made about religion and evolution in it. If you agree or disagree, please be specific. What do you agree with?, what do you disagree with? And most importantly, **WHY**? http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20060904/sc_nm/pope_evolution_dc_3 drink_more_powerade, I don't see it that way. The RC Church is saying that they accept the theory of evolution. No problems with it. But they don't like people who conclude that evolution disproves god, because people still can believe that evolution is a tool of god. As an agnostic, I think that this is a fair statement. Evolution takes no position on the god issue at all.
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Best Answers: This is a fantastic article, and I would like to know what you think of it:?

Abbigail Abbigail | 1 day ago
yes that's good. I'm sorry, but on another subject, I think Intelligent Design is completely idiotic. It is basically the same thing as Creationism, but saying that it did take God longer than six days to create the Earth. If they start teaching this in my science class, I will scream. but anyways, I think it's good that they are beginning to reach this conclusion, and a step in the right direction.
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Stan Stan
The Catholic Church is fighting a rear-guard action on behalf of the 'God of the Gaps', just like the rest of Christianity is. The only difference is that the Catholics have realized that the position taken by the Evangelicals... literal creationism... is indefenseable. They have retreated and constructed new fortifications at the point where evolution peters out and abiogenesis takes over, and planted the 'God' flag there.
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Otniel Otniel
Despite the types that you usually get here on Y!A R&S, there are millions - perhaps billions - of people in this world who accept the scientific evidence for evolution yet still believe in God. Frankly, if you want to believe in God but also believe in facts, you don't have much choice. That being that, I congratulate the Catholic Church for not forcing themselves and their believers into the position of extremity that many American Protestant churches do: "You must choose between evolution and God". And they certainly got to it much faster than they did to heliocentrism. All we need now is a _scientific_ explanation for why contraception is not 'murder' and things will be on the right track!
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Lester Lester
From a creationist point of view we do our best to accept the bible as literally as possible,if we don't it dimenishes the literal word of God. However the evolutioniast would say "not so". It is of great concern to us to this degree that Jesus reiterated the creartion story so that when you change the concept of creation to evolution you are directly confronting the words of the Creator [Jesus]. Because in Genesis the bible says LET US GO DOWN AND CREATE MAN IN OUR IMAGE.That implies that the complete Godhead was involved. Because the evolutionists are insufficently less oriented into a literal translation as we are that leads them down a different path of interpretation of scripture. Right now intelligent design represents a compromise to combine evolutionary ideas into a less literal approach. Scripture also gives a family tree of the people from Adam and Eve to Christ. So that a number of issues are at stake here. http://www.creationists.org/warning1.htm...
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Jamin Jamin
You have a very high IQ and you haven't mixed up creationism with evolutionism yet? Just to see if it leads to some kind of theoretical coherence? What if "God" created the "evolved monkeys" who evolved into us Humans after several millions years of evolution? Isn't this creationico-evolutionism? Both scenarios aren't so incompatible. Evolutionism doesn't necessarily contradict creationism. --- As for the link you paste, I notice that Americans don't learn philosophy at school. I live in france, and I was very lucky to learn philosophy when I was 17. I really needed this. I think that western Europeans are much more evolved in philosophy than most of Americans. --- Oh by the way: in my view, you're very involved in christian studies (alright , alright, you're ironic, and so on). I didn't know that agnostics were so much involved in criticizing religions (and especially christianity, in your case). It sounds very close to "non-religious believer". Anyway, there isn't any doubt that you are not an atheist, nor a non-believer. You do believe in concepts close to "deities". You just play with concepts. Browsing.
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