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Finding a Good Dog Breader? Topic: Finding a research question
July 19, 2019 / By Aura
Question: I am getting a new puppy and am looking at several different breeders. One is out of Lamont Ab, Magrath Ab, and Millet Ab. I really need tips on finding the best breeder for me. They breed mini and toy Aussies. Any suggestions or advice would be great! And if anyone has gone to anyone of these how did you like it? Thanks
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Abbigale Abbigale | 2 days ago
If you want to purchase a dog from a breeder, firstly make sure its a reputable breeder, not a BYB aka backyard breeder. Do some research online when you find a breeder and see her reputations online, any awards won is also a good indication of the quality of the breeder. When you get in contact with the breeder, you can ask for some proof of her being a reputable breeder, sometimes they have certain certificates that they can show you as a proof. Before they sell the dog to you, they will ask you a variety of questions, eg how big is your house, family members, any other pets etc to determine if the puppy will suit you, they will reject your enquiry if they think your current situation isn't ideal for her to sell you one of her puppies. You will then need to pay a non-refundable deposit and sign some agreements before the puppy arrival. A reputable breeder will only let her puppies go to new homes after 8 weeks of age, and will provide you will a complete diet and care information before the dogs arrival to help you prepare. P.s adopting a dog from shelter is another alternative to reputable breeder :)
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Standish Standish
For one - if you want a mini herding type dog - you'll have more reputable options with a sheltie. The miniature and toy versions of the Aussie aren't recognized by the AKC formally (the mini is "waiting for admittance" and as such is in the "miscellaneous" class, the toy doesn't even have that slim protection) - which means there is little check on their breeding or penalties for poor breeding practices. So it can be much harder to determine the quality you're getting. So if you decide you still want a mini or toy aussie - look for a breeder that at least gets working or herding titles for their dogs. Even if you're looking for a pet quality pup, you want one from a breeder that is genuinely interested in the breed, does appropriate genetic and health screening, offers a health guarantee, and works with their dogs to ensure only the better quality ones are bred, not just any that "fits" the height and weight and can be registered with one of the organizations that recognize the breed. Anything can call itself an organization and print certificates on a laser printer! So be very cautious. As a general rule of thumb, a GOOD breeder will question you carefully. They want to make sure you are right for the dog and breed. They will ask to see your home. They will have you sign a spay/neuter agreement. They will offer a health guarantee on their pups that is pretty darn comprehensive, usually either offering a replacement pup if major health issues occur that are genetic - or offering to pay all or part of the associated vet costs. And they will insist that if, for some reason, you can't keep the dog down the road, the dog is returned to them, not given away or sold to a stranger. If the breeder only asks basic questions, doesn't care if you meet the puppies and interact before selection, doesn't insist on wanting evidence of your living situation if you have a landlord, and doesn't care if you have a vet already - but is very interested on how soon you can get the pup, how you're paying, and is willing to send or ship the dog - look elsewhere. If they don't have evidence of health and genetic testing, won't let you come to their home or facility to meet at least the dam (the stud may or may not be on premises), and offer up phrases like "we don't breed for the show ring but happy healthy pets that don't need a guarantee" RUN, don't walk, away. And if the "guarantee" excludes every genetic issue the breed suffers, or even the major ones, run away. This is someone interested in your wallet and NOT the breed or puppy beyond you forking over your dollars and cents. They're cutting corners and putting pretty text on it. And just like with any purchase, if at any time you get a gut feeling you're being pressured or talked around/snowed with fancy talk - walk away. No good breeder needs to push their pups - many have holds and deposits put on litters before birth. So a good breeder may actually be interviewing you for their waiting list, and will be very careful that you and the pup selected are a really good match. They will also not let their pups go under the age of 8 weeks, and may keep them a week or two longer.
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Ottis Ottis
I really don't agree with the whole Mini Aussie "breed". I'm sure they have boundless health problems, and I know it's quite likely ruining the breed. However, here's a great website that tells you what to look for in a reputable breeder. http://www.hkc.org/breederchoice.htm Red Flags would be overly expensive dogs, not wanting you to visit their house, not screening for genetic defects, and not having a clean environment for their puppies and dogs to live in. Pretty simple.
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Lev Lev
nicely a Pug isn't a Terrier, so looking by way of utilising that call you eradicated all probabilities of looking a great breeder. attempt only searching for "Pug" and you may desire to do extra suitable. because of the fact which you reside contained in the united kingdom looking AKC won't do you plenty sturdy. however the "Kennel club" (England) could be a sturdy place to start. From there you may desire to be waiting to hyperlink to the Pug parent club in England.
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Jamison Jamison
How about going to your local shelter and saving a life? If you are looking for a specific breed, you will be able to find a rescue group that focuses on that particular type of dog. In the US alone, 4 MILLION cats and dogs are killed every year because shelters are "overcrowded". Part of the problem is that people continue to breed animals so they can sell them to make money. Meanwhile lovely animals die everyday.
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