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COPD assistance programs? Topic: How to write a dr. note for work
July 16, 2019 / By Austyn
Question: My mother was diagnosed in June 2012 with COPD. She has since been laid off from her job, resulting in the loss of her health insurance coverage. Unemployment benfits are no longer enough to cover her cost of living and medical expenses. We have not been able to afford fill her prescribed Spiriva handihaler which cost $269 for 30 days. Against doctors advice she has stoped taking it. i consantly worry about her ability to breathe and i have struggled to find resources, or assistance programs in los angeles county that can help. She is 64 years old which has made her NOT ELIGIBLE for medi-cal, medicaid and most prescription drug assistance programs. Dose anyone know of where i find more information about where i could find her assistance i appreciate any suggestions.
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Abbygail Abbygail | 5 days ago
Yes, there is help. First, drs have samples, so she or you need to ask the dr or nurse for samples if there are any for her to get by until she can get the prescription. Many pharmaceutical companies provide help through the drs' offices. She needs to call her dr's office and speak to his nurse (or you can do it on her behalf if she permits you). Tell the nurse she's lost her job and insurance, on unemployment, and needs help with her prescription costs to get Spiriva and whatever other medicines she needs. Usually it's the manufacturers that give the help, and it's based on her earnings. The medicine would be less expensive or free. She'd fill out the paperwork (it's not much), make a copy of proof of earnings of whatever they require, sign it, and give it to the nurse to complete and mail to them. The medicine would be shipped to the dr's office, and usually takes a few weeks (ask the nurse how long), and she'd call your mom when it arrives. (Sometimes the manufacturer will fill a one month immediate prescription in the interim which she'd pick up at whatever pharmacy they work with near her.) When the prescription arrives and nurse calls mom, mom goes to dr's office to pick it up (not a dr's appointment), and signs a paper saying she received it. The prescriptions are usually written by dr for 1 year, and manufacturers usually fill 90 days supply. To refill, she'll call the nurse before she gets low, and ask her to order the refills. Dr is often required by the pharmacy company to see mom every so many months (maybe 6). Whenever your mom needs medicine and can't afford it, check the manufacturers for help. Here's a site to look up medicines to see if help if available http://rxassist.org/patients It shows Spiriva, what they require and provide > http://rxassist.org/search/prog-details?... Here's their application > https://s3.amazonaws.com/www.rxassist.or... Note that it states at the top that Only faxes from the physician are accepted. She can fill out the paperwork, and make copies of what's needed so she's ready to take it to the dr's office. Depending on the severity of your mom's disease and considering her age, you may want to encourage her to check into filing for Social Security Disability as she may not be able to work at her usual capacity. She should talk to her dr about what her limitations are, and an attorney about whether she meets the eligibility requirements to get that help or any other help available to her. Attorney consultations re: this are free, and they're paid on contingency.
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Ozzie Ozzie
Has your mom tried Ameriplan? It may be helpful. AmeriPlan is not a replacement for health or dental insurance. It offers medical and dental help for people without insurance and an alternative for those who do not qualify for insurance or cannot afford insurance. It can also be used as a health supplement for procedures or pre-existing conditions that may not be included with health insurance. • No Qualifying for Existing Conditions • No Waiting Period • No Limits • No Exclusions • No Deductible People with a history of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. are looking for affordable healthcare and AmeriPlan Health is especially helpful for people with pre-existing conditions and no insurance. www.everyonebenefits.com/aharrison
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