I need help with a couple names?

I need help with a couple names? Topic: Life map writing assignment
July 19, 2019 / By Avila
Question: Hi everyone! I am in college and one of my classes is based around writing short stories. There will be a few throughout this semester, but the point of the assignment is that they all need to tie into a larger story at the end of the term. Which I thought was a great idea until we had to be assigned prompts, and mine included that of a single mom. I have basically figured out the details about my characters but cannot decide on names. My story is about a small town southern girl who was married, and things did not work out completely how she thought they would. So she comes back in hopes of starting a new life basically with all of the drama to follow. I have not mapped out everything completely but I do have a few ideas of what is going on. My main character is twenty-six, with blonde hair and brown eyes. Right now she is an RN, but I am not completely sure in what area yet. She was the classic over achiever in high school who thought her life was figured out and now she's having to deal with nothing turning out how she thought it would. She's a really down to earth and sweet character if that helps. My other character is two almost three with light brown hair and dark eyes. I honestly have not put much thought into her yet, except with everything going on she has become a little more reserved, and unsure of herself. I know that I have rambled on here more than I should but I just wanted to paint a small picture of these characters. I really do not care if they are traditional names or not honestly. I just want them to sound right together so if you could pair them that would be great. Thank you so much for any help and I really do appreciate it.
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Abigale Abigale | 6 days ago
Main character - Eloise, Genevieve or Danielle. Two year old - Amelie, Lila or Piper. Eloise and Amelie, Danielle and Piper or Genevieve and Lila. I prefer Genevieve and Lila personally, and I think the names fit the description you've given. Good luck and I hope I helped! [Romilly]
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Stirling Stirling
Main: Maya, Charlotte or Faith Kid: Isla, Eloise, Maisie or Jezebel (I know it's uncommon, but I personally love the name) Good Luck honey!
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The question itself is based on a wrong conception. How did you embrace the ill-logic that God wanted us to chant his names ? Please show me anywhere an example of God/Demi Gods as having asked for chanting their names so that I correct myself. Mantras are related with our psychology. The world itself is our mind. No mind, no universe. Mantras are for our well being. Mantra is a super science. Mantra: ‘Man’ means mind and ‘Tra’ means wave or vibration. Mantra Meditation is a science, i.e., it is a technical practice that results in a predictable and reliable outcome or experience. They are the mind vibration in relationship to the Cosmos. The Science of Mantra is based on the knowledge that sound is a form of energy having structure, power, and a definite, predictable effect on the chakras and the human psyche. God possesses many invisible energy streams which have been witnessed and understood by scientific teachers of Yoga and Spiritual Science via their subtle divine vision. And on the basis of characteristics they have been named. They are also called demigods. God’s Wealth Energy is called Lakshmi, Intellectual Energy is called Saraswati, War Fighting Energy is called Durga, Creative Energy is called Brahma, Nourishing Energy is called Vishnu, Destructive Energy is called Shiva, Mental and Bodily Energy is called Hanuman, Success Energy is called Ganesh and Governing Energy is called Indra. We must contact and build a bond with whatever that is beneficial and worth imbibing for us. Further by rendering these energy centers are rendered closer for our benefit and the method of doing so is called worship of God. Hence, the need of chanting mantras. If somebody asking a question for the sake of asking, it is alright. If out of sheer curiosity to gain knowledge, it is well understood. But, one fails to understand the spirit of this question. A question impregnated with pre-conceived and untrue notion is capable of creating confusion among devotees. If you do not know the answer, then the question should not have been pre-conceived but direct.

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