Soon 2 be college student Question. need help. answer plzz. :D*?

Soon 2 be college student Question. need help. answer plzz. :D*? Topic: Making off without payment case search
July 23, 2019 / By Avilon
Question: Ok so I am thinking about renting an apartment next year.. like next summer. I will be out of high school then, and I am taking a year off from school to work and such, then after one year I am going to attend college. I need some help on the necesities to living on your own. Apartments where I live are cheap.. like 300 so rent isn't going to be a problem. Any one have any advice or tips for me on living alone (my bf will be living with me.. and helping pay rent and bills). Thanks for your help.
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Abigall Abigall | 7 days ago
First, why are you taking a year off before college? Do you need to save money first? In any case, being able to make rent is only the start. You need to be able to pay utilities, phone, car payments & insurance (if you have a car), renter's insurance, health care, food, and more. I would focus on finding a job that is good first. You need one that will allow you to develop skills in whatever field you want to go into. Look for an employer with good benefits as well, health care, retirement plan. Ideally, seek an employer that might help you get your degree in the future. Some employers offer tuition reimbursement, flexible hours to attend classes, etc. Continue to live at home for a few mo. after finding a job to build up a small emergency fund and deposite. This will also help you estimate some of your monthly expenses Then search for an apartment that is conveniently located. Ask the landlord if any of the utilites are included in rent, if not ask for an estimate on cost. As for you bf living with you, make sure that you can afford the rent without him before moving in together. Also have a clear talk with him about how monthly expensise are going to be divided up. Don't cosign anthing or get credit cards together until after marriage.
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Bad idea to move in with someone you are not married to. HUGE MISTAKE, that can ruin everything for both of you. You are too young to be aware of all the possibilities, just take it from an older person and don't make this huge mistake. But it's no big deal living away from home, just take care of things that need done, call maintenance when needed, don't waste money, buy renters insurance. The biggest thing is probably to keep your finances in order, no waste at all (unless money is not an issue) and make sure you don't get in a mess with the bills, including paying rent always on time. Today, if you get kicked out for loud parties, non-payment etc., it's can become almost impossible to get another apartment.
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