Which Glock 9mm best for home defense?

Which Glock 9mm best for home defense? Topic: Glock 19 case size
July 19, 2019 / By Avital
Question: I'm narrowed down my choice to a Glock 9mm. But I'm not sure which one to get as there are a few models and many more sub-models. Thanks. Please do not give suggestions on other guns you feel are superior to the Glock 9mm. There a million "which gun is best" threads. Assuming one is getting a Glock 9mm for home defense, which would you recommend? Thank you.
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Abigil Abigil | 9 days ago
Wow 6 people who failed to read the question. Do not recommend a different gun... Ok I won't tell you which Glock model but I'll give you some reasons on which to pick. The Glock 34 is the 9mm practical/tactical version. It has a longr barrel than the 17 (the full size) and comes with extended magazine release and slide lock. The longer barrel will increase bullet velocity which can increase bullet performance. I say "can" because too much velocity for a certain bullet can lead to increased rates of expansion which in turn may decrease penetration. In other words the diameter gets too big too fast and it requires more momentum to push the bullet through the medium. In this case I don't think tht will be as much of a problem. So the longer barrel and longer sight radius give you a potentially more powerful and more precise weapon with extended controls. The 34 also accepts 17 round and 32 round magazines. Now on the other hand the Glock 19 gives you a weapon that is easier to conceal and still holds 15 rounds. Why would you want to conceal a handgun on your person in your house? Because you may need to answer the door, or you may need to investigate the noise you heard outside. Walking around with a firearm might alarm the neighbors but having a potent concealed weapon at the ready makes a lot of sense. The glock 19 will also ccept the 32 round magazines. As for the 26 it's size makes it more difficult to shoot and with the fingergrip attachment for the magazines it is almost the same size as the 19. The 17 is mid way between the 34 and 19 and honestly it's a little large for concelment and if you don't care about doing that ihen go up one to the 34. The 17L is the Longslide version of the 17 and has full 6" barrel. All the benefits of the 34 plus alittle extra. A good choice... but not my flavor. Hope that helps!
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Abigil Originally Answered: What is the best self defense ammo in.40 S&W for a Glock 22?
Big heavy hollow points in almost any good well known name brand well work and gold dots are a good choice. Shot placement is critical with any ammo. If you miss no ammo will help you.

Stuart Stuart
If home defense is your only concern then get the Glock 17. If you want to carry it concealed then I would go for the Glock 19 since it is a little bit smaller than the 17 and therefore easier to conceal. The Glock 26 is the smallest of the three but it's not much smaller then the 19 and all 3 are the same width...which is important when it comes to concealment. I would only consider the Glock 26 if you feel ankle carry is the only carry option for you or if you want a backup pistol.
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Paris Paris
In 9mm you have three choices with the Glock: The full-size Model 17, the compact Model 19 and the sub-compact Model 26. They are basically all the same gun except for size. They are all good so... Which one fits your hand better? A nice option for home-defense is the nightsights. If I were to have to pick a 9mm Glock strictly for home-defense I believe it would be the Model 19. Why? Because it is relatively compact and high capacity and it fits my hand right. H
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Lon Lon
Not a Glock fan, but.....The 40 has more power on paper (ballistics charts), but in actual test only has about 3% (94 to 91%) more knock down than the 9 mm. The 9 mm is much cheaper to shoot, and a little easier on the hand. Now, Sig has a pistol (sp 2022) that weighs in at about 30 oz with mag. and a 3.8 inch barrel that comes in 9mm, 40, and 357 sig. Right now- Academy Sports has that gun for $499. Thats about 30 bucks cheaper than the Glock. I picked up one today. If I wasn't afraid of a divorce...I would have bought it.
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Jason Jason
for home defense and range only, that's pretty simple, which ever one feels better in your hand, the more natural it feels the better you'll shoot, the slightly shorter 19 might come to point better for you than the 17 or vise-versa. the short sight radius of the 26 will most likely rule it out for your purposes unless you plan to concealed carry. there are 2 things I would recommend: no compensated models, the unnecessary cost certainly doesn't justify the loss of night vision. night sights are a must, they work like regular sights in daylight and that glowing front sight can be a life saver in low light situations. and keep in mind the 17 rnd high cap mags for the 17 will work in any other 9mm glock (including the 26) and grip extensions are easy to find and will fill in the void between the mag and pistol grip. yes the glock is a striker fired system, technically its a partially ****** striker i.e. striker partially ****** by slide action and partially by trigger hence SAO as it takes both actions to fire the striker and has no double strike capability, but thats what tap & rack drills are for, not to mention the chances aren't good of the primer igniting the 2nd time, striker fired systems can function as DAO and SA/DA as well (see cz-100 and cz-110). and for the record I don't care for glocks, it's not that I think they're bad, after having put lots of rounds through lots of differant handguns I just think there are better options.
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Gabe Gabe
If your looking for home defense there is no reason not to go for the Full sized Model 17. If you were wanting to carry the weapon than yes, go with the 19/26. Why not let yourself have a full 17 round clip. And replying to the post above me, a revolver is just fine for home defense. Easy to use, no errors. If more than six to eight shots are needed than its time to run. That or there are these pretty inventive things called speed loaders. Oh and Glock is not a Single Action Only pistol it is a Striker Fire action.
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Dene Dene
A model 19 or 17 are what your looking at for home defense only. A model 19 is more versitile because you can use it for Concealed Carry or HD. The best one for Concealed carry is probably the Model 26 though because of it's small size, I would reccomend the Model 19 for versitility and it will be easier to sell if you ever want to get something else.
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Beavis Beavis
jlmomaha made some good points HOWEVER,,,,,,,,,a revolver is a good choice, I know it can hold 6 rounds. He also says 12 rounds with a spare clip,,,,,,,, Don't anyone really practice defensive shooting ? going to the range 3 times a month is not defensive shooting, that's target practice....... a group I belong too shoots 2 times a month, its all offensive and defensive shooting, in fact its with the police departments.....its all about controlling the adrenaline you will feel during a situation... it dont take much for anyone to set this up at there local gun range......... Defensive shooting ( close range ) is not a 100 % aaimed shot and that's were people get into trouble , the Truth is it just don't get practiced and improved upon, you really don't need the sights if you can just remember that your pistol is nothing more than a extension of your arm....... I would choose the gun that fits you and is a double action , the shell capacity ( to me ) isn't a big deal,,,,,,don't re lie on 12 round mags if your not proficient at offensive / defensive shooting..Perfect practice makes perfect !!!!!!!!!!!
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Beavis Originally Answered: If you only had $500 to buy a new semi-auto pistol for home defense and range practice what would you get?
I was an Olympic class pistol shooter and national champion. Back in Feb 2006 I walked into the local gunshop first thing on a Wed morning when the place was deserted with 4 revolvers and 4 rifles I had not touched in years. I wanted to trade for a new carry pistol ( hated the Baretta in 40 S&W I had been carrying) and some AR-15 uppers. I was a military pistol shooter - most of that with a 1911 - and very used to the Baretta's. Not so familar with Glocks. I spent 2 hours handling all the Glocks, HK's and Smiths - but I kept coming back to this thing called a Springfield XD in 45auto. I didn't know anything about the XD, but, two of my match rifles are Springfield M1a's so I knew the brand was solid. This was the first XD in 45 auto to arrive in Alaska - they had just put it in the case the night before. What I liked about the XD 45 auto over the rest - the cock n lock indicatior and the chambered round indicator - both could be easily felt in the dark. Knowing the state of your pistol is important in the dark. The balance was just as good as the Glocks - but this 4" Service Model was a perfect fit for me. This being a totally new pistol - I also balanced the fact that getting spare mags and holster accessories was going to be a long wait. But it was these two indicators and lack of a thumb safety to get in the way that sold me on it. A few months later it won Pistol of the year - and the rest is history. I did a blind test of the XD before anyone did the hype. It is the perfect home defense and personal carry pistol. It doesn't shoot like my Gold Cup - but - I am not asking the XD to punch paper. I've had it 2 and a half years, operates flawless, and all the big brands make great leather for it. All the Glock owners I have let shoot this XD - most traded in their Glocks or started using the XD.

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