Things to do in Orlando for adults?

Things to do in Orlando for adults? Topic: My showcase samples
July 16, 2019 / By Ayn
Question: I have been to Orlando many, many times... but we always just go to the parks and then call it a night. This time, my boyfriend and myself want to check out some of the nightlife (not CityWalk.) Anyone have any tips for dining, entertainment, bars, etc. in the area that we can check out? We leave Monday, August 6th. Thanks!
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Abijah Abijah | 1 day ago
My wife and I have the same issue as you mentioned. We now to to WDW in mid October to Mid- November for the Food and Wine Festival at Epcopt. Going around World showcase is always great exercise but you can sample wines and food from around the world. Then we'll head either over to Old Town for more drinks.
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Sunny Sunny
A restaurant that I really liked on my last trip to Orlando is called Seasons 52 - http://www.seasons52.com/default.asp The food was excellent, and they may have had some live jazz, can't remember for sure. There are lots of adult-geared entertainment options in Orlando - here's a list of stuff happening August 6-10: http://orlando.zvents.com/search?new=n&search=true&srad=35&st=event&svt=text&swhen=august+6-10&swhere=Orlando%2C+FL Have fun!
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Parris Parris
A great place for nightlife is Downtown Orlando. Theres tons of clubs, bars, and lounges throughout downown. The main areas for nightlife in downtown are the following: - Wall Street Plaza - Orange Avenue - Church Street Have Fun!
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Lonnie Lonnie
Cafe Tu Tu Tango on International Drive is one of our favorites for Tapas. It is in a tourist area, but many locals go there. Have you been to Pleasure Island? We loved the improv/comedy place there. . . also several different dance clubs too.
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Javan Javan
Top 10 nightlife places in Orlando 1. Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Looking for a colorful, high-spirited spot to kick back? The atmosphere at this bar and restaurant is hard to beat! Each night a live band plays Caribbean-inspired tunes, rock and top 40. Prior to showtime, Buffett's played all day, and he also makes several video "appearances." With the help of a few margaritas, the decor – complete with fishing rods attached to booths – transports you to the carefree tropics. The menu offers a wide range of island-inspired fare such as lobster and shrimp salad, the famous "Cheeseburger in Paradise," and Cuban meatloaf. 2. Cirque Du Soleil: La Nouba Billed as "theatrical ride for the senses," this is one of a handful of permanent Cirque Du Soleil displays around the world. Consistent rave reviews make this show, written and directed by Franco Dragone, a must-see for the whole family while in Orlando. The theater is set up so that everyone has the best possible view. Then you have the performances, which feature unbelievably magical talent. Reservations can be made up to 6 months in advance. 3. Independent Bar This hot nightspot has cashed in on its unique outdoor patio and gorgeous view of downtown Orlando. The rowdy young crowd dances to retro 70s and 80s music, indie rock, or top 40 tunes, depending on the evening. Occasionally, live bands play outside on the patio. Tasty on-site pizza keeps late night snack-attacks at bay. Stylish-casual attire. 4. Fantasmic Held in the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater, this short musical drama culminates in a fireworks and laser show. Mickey battles Disney's most infamous monsters to the backdrop of dynamic song and dance numbers derived from the movie "Fantasia." Spectacular waterworks, giant video screens and a large cast enhance the production. Space is tight at this extremely popular event, so come early. 5. House of Blues One of Orlando's most popular live music venues, HOB (as it is called by those in the know) offers top-level live entertainment and a brilliant Mississippi Delta-inspired menu that features everything from jambalaya and étouffée to fried catfish and pork chops. HOB has a variety of stages, including an outdoor garden stage, an intimate jazz lounge inside and the grand main stage, where national acts perform. If architecture and interior design are your things, then you'll definitely want to tool around the eclectic bars and dining areas. Sunday's Gospel Brunch is not to be missed! 6. Bob Marley: A Tribute to Freedom Want to get into that island frame of mind? Then you definitely need to get yourself over to this cool Jamaican-themed nightspot, famous for its great reggae rhythms and terrific food. Grab a seat in the courtyard area, order a rum drink or Red Stripe and let Bob take care of the rest. At some point, you'll want to tour the inside of the club and check out all of the Marley memorabilia hanging on the walls. 7. Jax Fifth Ave Deli & Ale Hip and healthy, this sandwich shop doubles as a popular hangout after dark. Well-heeled young professionals and students are lured to Jax to enjoy the exceptional variety of beer—over 200 available-- and chow down on scrumptious wraps and pita sandwiches. Happy hour drink specials fill seats, and six TVs keep everyone occupied, especially at game time. 8. Pat O'Brien's Walking through O'Brien's front door is like stepping onto Bourbon Street, and the Orlando location of this bar is modeled after the New Orleans original, complete with patio, flaming fountain and dueling piano bar. In fact, O'Brien's claims to have invented the concept of "warring pianos," so be sure to take in the show. While you are enjoying the music, sip on O'Brien's other claim to fame: the Hurricane. Other popular drinks are the Purple People Eater and the Skylab. Be sure to bring a designated driver because these mammoth cocktails pack a punch! Casual dress. 9. Club Firestone Yes, one of the best nightclubs in Orlando is actually located in the same building that once housed a tire distributor – thus the name. Firestone offers an expansive (more than 13,000 square feet) space and some of the best indie, electro, hip hop, house, Latin, rock and reggeton beats you can imagine. The floor is flanked on all sides (and above) by silver railings and scaffolding, creating a post-apocalyptic look. The most exciting nights tend to be Saturdays, when the club features an 18+ event slate that's never the same from week to week but is always as loud as it is fun. The Club also features occasional live acts. 10. SKY60 Beautiful 20- and 30-somethings strut the floor of this rooftop bar and groove to hip hop, soul and techno. The stylish, cabana-inspired bar offers tantalizing tropical cocktails such as the mojito and pepperita. Guests sit on white beach furniture while they take in the magnificent scenery (views of downtown Orlando aren't bad, either!) and savor the many flavors of the evening. Dress to impress, or you'll likely feel out of place. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?... Also you might want to click this it has the top 10 nightclubs in Orlando. http://www.10best.com/Orlando/Nightlife/... Ive pretty much been to all of the places I listed, I live in Orlando and they really are awesome places to go to. I hope you have fun when you come down to Orlando.
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Look in the help wanted section of the Orlando Sentinel. If you do not want to buy a paper look at the on-line site.

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