I'm looking for a good handgun?

I'm looking for a good handgun? Topic: A research submarine has a
July 19, 2019 / By Azalea
Question: I am looking into buying my first handgun and am doing some research into which handguns are good for first time owners. I'm thinking along the lines of a .38 but I'd like to see what others recommend.
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Abilene Abilene | 2 days ago
Honestly, I would find a range where you can try out several different weapons, pistols AND revolvers, to see which you like best. If you are lucky, they may have one, used, that you can purchase after trying, and take it from there. Caliber only needs to play a role in self-defense. Get the largest caliber you can handle (hit a target with). Then, get some good ammunition, like hollow-points, and practice with it until, hopefully never, you have to use it. I would recommend a revolver for a first time user. They are simple, easy to maintain, and accurate. They've been around since the mid-1800s. You get six rounds, five in some, and that can usually do the job if you can hit what you aim at. The .38 Special is about the smallest round I would pick for serious self-defense. If you must have a smaller weapon, size being the issue, you can go down to a .32, but most other weapons can be made to work in all but the most extreme cases (summer in Fl, in a bathing suit). I learned on a revolver, way back when. I didn't switch until I had my butt handed to me by a kid on the firing range, with an automatic. He reloaded a lot quicker than I did, due to a flaw in the ammo being reloaded (no exposed bullet to lead into the chamber). After that, I switched to the 1911A1 full time, that I had learned on years earlier and was forced to carry. I always preferred the larger calibers, like .44 and .45, over the smaller ones. The 1911A1 was a sweet pistol in every way. It was, at that time, the only real "American" pistol. I carried it with me, religiously, in an area where I was "not very welcome." Today, you can pick from fancy 9mm, 40, .45, 10mm, and dozens of others of rounds that can work for hunting and personal defense. Just make sure you can get the ammo when you need it. If you get a good, name brand, like S&W, Colt, Beretta, Sig Saur, Walther, and many others, you will get a fine weapon. Caliber, eh. Everyone has an opinion as to what is right, wrong, or whatever. If you can hit your target, even with a .22, you can kill it. If you get a .357 Magnum, you can shot .38 Special in it cheaper. If you get a 9mm or .45, you can usually get a sub-caliber set up to shoot .22 LRs in it. A .22 magnum can often be found with a spare cylinder to all you to shoot .22 Lr in it. A little research with an item can find a lot of interesting goodies to go with it.
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Sweeney Sweeney
I would agree whole heartedly about a 357 revolver. I personally like Ruger in revolvers and would have to recommend the GP100 with a 4" barrel. The thing about this gun is, is it is built on a much sturdier heavier frame so shooting even the 357 mag will be very comfortable with minimal recoil and you can fire the 38 spl in it which will be nothing at all. Even most people that aren't nessesarily Ruger men will say that the GP100 may be the best 357 revolver you can have in your hand. S&W also makes a fine gun in the 686 but it will be about 300.00 higher and is no better in quality. I have also heard several say and i can back this up, that Ruger has the most comfortable factory grips in the GP100 and Super Redhawk. I own the Super Redhawk in 454 Casull and it is very comfortable to shoot and i love the grips. There are some very attractive exotic inserts for these grips that look great. By the way i am not suggesting you get the 454, if you are a beginner shooter you are not ready for that. Good Luck and don't let anyone talk you out of a revolver. Especially for the beginer.
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Parry Parry
Nothing wrong with a 357 Magnum revolver. (Don't worry; it'll shoot 38 Special, too.) Just make sure the barrel is 3 to 4 inches in length. Somehow I think you would find a 9 x 19mm pistol to be more useful. (Affordable, too!) First thing you might want to do is contact the NRA. Ask them for the names of certified pistol instructors in your area, and find out about any pistol safety and shooting courses. Don't buy a compact pistol. You're going to need, at least, a 3" barrel in order to train on; and 4 to 5" would be ideal for everything except pure postal pistol shooting which comparatively few people do anymore, anyway! If I had to start out pistol shooting all over again, today, I'd prefer to begin with either a 9mm SIG 226 or a Glock Model 17.
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Lonny Lonny
A .38 is a great caliber to start with as a first handgun. I would recommend a revolver in .357 mag so you can shoot both .357 & .38 special. If you wanted to go semi-automatic then I would first recommend a 1911 style pistol chambered in 9mm or 40 S&W. The reason why is because it is a heavier gun shooting a lower recoiling round which helps reduce the amount of recoil, the anticipation of the recoil and makes for (in general) a more accurate pistol. The second semi-automatic pistol I would recommend is a Glock in 9mm. Please please do not make the mistake of getting a large caliber pistol too soon, because they take some practice to shoot accurately and if you are start out too large you aren't going to like shooting the pistol. Happy Plinking and Hunting
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Jaxon Jaxon
.38 revolvers are nice to own, reliable and low maintenance. Ammo is readily available and most .38's today can fire .38 +P rounds. Taurus or charter arms in .38 can be purchased for around $350 new. You might want to also look into keltec's P3AT in .380 or the ruger LCP ($300 new), very easy to carry around due to it's small size, light weight and slim profile.
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