Samsung LN32A550! HELP!?

Samsung LN32A550! HELP!? Topic: Will writing service cost
July 23, 2019 / By Bab
Question: Ok before you start replying , I need you to reply to all my questions !!! ALright on friday OR thursday I'm about to go to "STORE" , bestbuy maybe , to buy the samsung 32 inch 1080p ln32a550 .. i'll be buying it for , my ps3 , playing bluray's and watching prison break (ending soon) , heroes , etc... normal channels in quebec montreal. my questions : is it worth it ? it says it comes with a atsc tuner , so since i watch those tv shows , will i be able to recieve hd channels "OTA" if i hook up a indoor tv antenna to it ? i don't wanna pay for nothing lol . if yes what channels would be availaible to me if i live in canada,quebec,montreal ? how far should i be away from the tv to get 1080p ? my range is 5 - 6 feet ? is that good ? should i buy warranty ? warranty at bb = 150 $ , tv price = 850 (only until thursday) but they will do a price match with futureshop , (futureshop is out of stock)and make it 800 $ , so total will be around 1100 $ with 2 years warranty. should i buy it on firday or thursday ? futureshop told me they are discontinuing the ln32a550 model , and they said they will be bringing the new one in a month or two. So i would want to buy this tv , cause the new model will cost around 1000$ itself .. so should i buy in thursday since bb has only 2 tv's left ? my last question is that , do anyone hear have the same tv ? and use it for the same reasons that i will do ? if so please write your reviews with the anwsers for the question above . thank you , i really appreciate for someone to read my questions and for anwsering them. sorry for the mess .. peace
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Abra Abra | 5 days ago
ok..samsung is good, they don't last as long though- as other brands (like the kennedys- all the performance and grace, less the years- ouch!) i have a samung LCD too, and an LG, and a pioneer plasma. atsc tuner means you can watch 2,4,5,7,9,11,13 in HD for FREE!! no problem, obviously if you want to see HBO and MTV you have to pay. your tv sitting distance should be scientifically 3 times the inches of your tv, so.. 32inch tv = 32 x 3 = 8 feet anything closer is better, anything further - and its said that ' you lose the theatric experience' so i dont think you have a problem. buying the warranty is kinda tricky (thank God im not in retail anymore) make sure you can bring it to the store if you want. cause what happens is if you have an in home warranty- then you have to wait based on the schedule of the service repairman. AND! they tend not to be courteous and nice... its hell. but whats even worse is not buying it and wishing you had, i have a friend who bought a samsung tv in 2003 and need it to be serviced outside of the manufacturer's warranty, and it was hell- looking for qualified, good background, trustworthy, insured, and backed by manufactuer repairshops, that didn't charge an arm and a leg.. i bought warranty for mine- it cost me 189 for 4 years for a $1000, 42 tv. that's $3.93 a month. ( i think its worth it) if you can take the tv to the store to have it fixed- THEN GET THAT ****! buy it at bestbuy- even though their customer service itsn't always the best- they do their job, and dont kick customers to the side. furtureshop will- and you dont bring the tv into the store to have it fixed.
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I would get the S4 over the HTC One because 1. It is quicker- 1.9ghz quad core vs 1.7ghz quad core 2.Microsd- you can expand the memory with a 64gb microsd. This a cheaper way to expand your memory and you can have a 16 gb S4 and still have more storage than the HTC One(64gb) if you get a 64gb microsd. 3.Removable battery- This means you can replace the battery if you run out of charge when you are around unlike the HTC One which you have to charge or bring an external charger and charge it from there, however this is an akward way of charging your phone. Also the removable battery can help you prevent water damage as you can remove the battery if it falls in water, thus reducing the chances of water damage. 4.Repairability- iFixit gave HTC One the worst rating for repairability (https://www.google.ie/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&... and TechnoBuffalo said that the S4 is miles more repairable http://www.technobuffalo.com/videos/sams... 5. Screen- It is amazing and bigger than the screen on the HTC One (yes this is an advantage). Yes it has less ppi (440ppi S4 vs 468ppi HTC One) reviewers say that the difference in ppi is unnoticeable but you can see the difference in colours as the amoled display is has amazing colours. The big screen is also an advantage as it as you can do so much more with it, multitask for example. Also I can fit the Note 2 in one hand with medium hands and actually use it so in my opinion one hand use should not be an issue as the Note 2 is half an inch bigger. 6. Real Multitasking- watch videos while online, write an email while watching a video, send a message while surfing the web, you can split the screen in two so you can multitask without a bother, this cannot be done on the HTC One. 7. Samsung added features . a.Smartstay- won't turn the screen off if you are still looking at it. b.Smartpause- pauses a video when you turn around and turns it back on when you turn back c.Eye controlled webpage scrolling d. Airview- check link to learn more http://www.phonearena.com/news/Samsung-G... e.Infrared TV remote(on One too) f.External temperature and humidity sensors g.Use the phone while using gloves h. S Health- useful for health enthusiasts i. S Translator- it’s all in the name a translator j.Etc- I could go on but check the link to see even more features http://www.phonearena.com/news/Samsung-Galaxy-S4-10-exclusive-or-little-known-features-review_id41541 8.Camera features- First of all reviewers say the only place that the HTC One beats S4 camera wise is in low light without flash, the rest are about the same(actually the S4 photos have more detail and are clearer according to CNET) except in video where the S4 wins. So in my opinion the camera’s are very similar so it’s more about features in the end, S4 wins here a.Dual shot- take photos from both cameras so that you can include the photographer in a photo b.Photo with audio message- record a message before or after a photo to add to a photo c.Eraser shot- can remove unwanted moving content d.More but those are my favorite Hope this helped Enjoy your new phone (no matter which one it is)
Abra Originally Answered: Samsung Galaxy S4 vs New HTC One?
Get the Samsung Galaxy S4 with AT&T. It has better features than the HTC One and it also has expandable memory and a removable battery. Most people have said the HTC One looks better, but if you put a case on your phone, it really doesn't matter.
Abra Originally Answered: Samsung Galaxy S4 vs New HTC One?
I'm in the same situation as you. Picking between the New HTC ONE and the S4 is a super difficult choice. After days of research and thinking lol... it really depends what you want. im getting the SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 because the specs of it are higher. If your looking for the rich material sexy phone then i'd get the HTC ONE!!!!. otherwise you decide here look Specs of Samsung and HTC ONE Samsung galaxy s4 >>>>> HTC ONE High sexy rich looks HTC ONE>>>>>>> Samsung galaxy s4 Samsung galaxy s4 is more powerful then the htc one that's why im getting it. don't get me wrong tho the htc one specs are high with awesome looks but im not really a looks person because my s4 is soon gonna have a case once I get it. I hope this helps

Sybald Sybald
1080p for a TV under 42" won't help you any. You'll need to be like 1 to 2 feet away from the screen. I think at 42" you're looking at the 6ft range. So I wouldn't be spending extra money on the 1080p at that size. If you're happy with the size, you might be able to find a 1080i for cheaper in the same line. Pay more for better contrast ratio or getting 120Hz support. Though those two are also a little less important at 32". Samsung is a solid line though. I say good choice for an LCD going with Samsung. Extended warranties are usually bogus. If you're going to watch this TV a lot, you're likely kill whatever is faulty within a year (if there is anything faulty). After that point if one of the chips goes, I think you're probably looking at $200-$250 to fix/replace it (IF it actually goes). So yes more than your extended warranty, but how do you know it'll go in say 2 years and not 6 years (at which point you just gave BB free money). Its always a "risk' but the for the vast majority, extended warranties just help the store's pension plan. Buy it at the cheapest price you can. Where you get it from or what do you get it, who cares. As long as Futureshop will give you written confirmation that they'll give you a cheaper price on a certain day, then do it. But if its just some salesperson's word, make sure to confirm with a store manager.
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Sybald Originally Answered: LG Xenon vs. Samsung Impression?
i have the impression, and my wife has the xenon. basicaly youre looking at the same device by different makers. i like the layout of my impression over her xenon and i know about device layouts ( im tier three data tech for verizon, and write and review knowledge base articles for a company that employs data techs for other cell carriers.) the impression was easy to learn right off the batt, verry little learning curve. the xenon took some getting used to, and i had to really hunt for some of the things to set up on my wifes device. my device is a bit heftier, and fits my hands much better. my wifes is light, it feels cheap and insubstatial. the hinges of mine are made with metal, the xenon are plastic slides. her text layout is much better than mine (in my opinion.) but what you should do is go to the store and feel how they fit in your hand, and how they work.

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