Landlord snow removal oral cotract?

Landlord snow removal oral cotract? Topic: Pa research
July 21, 2019 / By Babette
Question: my land in pa said she has someone to remove snow but it is not in writing. she lives next door and does not remove the snow for days until she and her daughter have to leave and it takes days. So I shovel. They just put snow right where i shoveled. there is no way it was accidental. I asked about the removal of the snow because my husband is disabled. I have a small child to care for and did not want to shovel a long driveway. I feel so disrespected. What should i do she is crazy a for real b***h. I had great relationships with prior landlords. I still talk to two of them. What am i to do
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Acacia Acacia | 7 days ago
Do you have a written lease? If you do, there should be a clause in there regarding who is responsible to mow, remove snow, etc. If you don't have a written contract that specifies it is your obligation, stop doing it. Also, if you don't have a lease and can leave at will, do so. I know it is expensive to move again, but if your landlord is acting like a creep, sometimes the best thing to do is find a better situation. In PA, there is a landlord-tenant court. Go online and research the option of suing, but realize it will probably cost you more than to move. It certainly won't improve your relationship with your landlord. It sounds like your landlord is taking advantage of you. Good luck.
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Acacia Originally Answered: How to bid on large snow removal accounts?
I used to own a lawn care/snow removal business and feel your pain in putting together a bid for such a property. Assuming all the driveways and sidewalks are relatively similar, look at each unit and figure out the time for the driveway, sidewalk and any other common parking areas. Are there any private roadways or are these maintained by the city? If they are private, plan out the time it would take for these as well. If you have skid loaders, they work ideal for the driveways. Quick brooms work well on 2 inches of snow or less (if the light fluffy variety) but blowers and shovels etc. will be the ticket. After you figure the average time it takes to complete one unit (base this on a 6 inch snow fall) then figure out your costs for labor, fuel etc. Now, price things with only 3 ways for them. 0-3 inches at one price per unit, 3-6 inches at another price and finally 6+ inches. This should provide you with a good starting point. A few more considerations you will want to think of. Make sure that you have one or at the most two contacts for this account. When you take on this type of property you really have 300 new clients. There MUST be only one or two people for you to deal with and answer to. Do not take phone calls from residents or talk with them regarding concerns on the property. Also, give yourself a 60 day cancel notice for either party in the contract. Even if you are making good money, sometimes these accounts just are not worth having with all the potential headaches that come up. Hope this helps and I wish you good luck and a lot of snow!

Sydney Sydney
the city by laws usually have a clause about snow removal..from sidwalks.. if that isn't being done you can phone "by law enforcement" or send "by law" an email...i usually take some pictures and attach them to the email.. as far as the driveway??? you should have has that in writing.. now as far as the driveway.. by law..a lane is to be kept clear and clean for delivery or the "mailman" can refuse to deliver and the "mailman" notifies the "superintendant"..they confirm the problem..that it is "unsafe" so..now follow this in reverse............. if no one is complaining..then your alone..and you should have this in writing..or negotiate this with your lease ending.. good luck
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