Smarter than my health teacher and the textbook?

Smarter than my health teacher and the textbook? Topic: How to write research papers for graduate school
July 16, 2019 / By Bambi
Question: This health textbook is outdated, I swear. I seem to have more knowledge than the book and my teacher? I've been trying to get out of this class, only because the information is outdated and vague. "Anemia is lack of hemoglobin." False. There many types of anemia. Anemia due to B12 deficiency. Anemia due to folate deficiency.Anemia due to iron deficiency. Anemia of chronic disease. Hemolytic anemia. Idiopathic aplastic anemia. Megaloblastic anemia. Pernicious anemia. Sickle cell anemia. Thalassemia. Then my health teacher said that table salt was sodium. False. Table salt is only 40% sodium! Not even half! She also said I was wrong when I said that you could not overdose on water-soluble vitamins because the only vitamins that you could overdose on was fat soluble since they went through the lymphatic system, and therefore you could not flush them out with liquids. There are many other issues, but I cannot skip this class, although I know more. I am more into specifics. Like I'm more interested in WHY the neurotransmitter's, Dopamine's, receptors "disappear" when there is a "flood" of dopamine. Why does our brain do this? Does our brain not want us to feel happy and excitable through out our lives? I know more than the teacher and the book. I have suggested I write research papers on the current section, like smoking, I could write an entire research paper on smoking and the pros/cons of it and the health affects. But the school and teacher won't let me. It's driving me insane since I do poorly on the tests because of the outdated and very misleading information. This class is mandatory to graduate and I refuse to do write down wrong answers. I got an entire question wrong because it asked, "Why do men tend to be more physically abusive than women?" I replied with a very well thought out answer that used anthropology. It was wrong because of that? I am getting very frustrated with this class, how do I perform better in it? I cannot give simple answers, that goes against what I have been taught. I've been taught to explain, in my anatomy class, I got the highest score on the hardest test because I explained my knowledge. I can't turn that off, its autosomatic (involuntary) by now. I used the word "endorphins" and nobody in the class knew what it was. I hate being in this class, I can not "dumb" myself down for one class, but it seems like I have to? Please help? She didn't even know how much the average person's sodium intake should be, which is 2300 mg or if you have a history of heart problems- 1800 mg or an intake that you have discussed with your doctor. She couldn't even give me a decent answer besides, "That's not in the book."
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Addie Addie | 3 days ago
I agree with Concerned Citizen's reply to you. If the class is mandatory to graduate, then suck it up, play the game, and follow the teacher and the textbook. Remember, the teacher can fail you for what she considers wrong answers. This will not be the last time in life you have to play the game. Which is more important - graduating, or proving you are right?
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Talbot Talbot
Ok you are young. Here is the most valuable lesson I ever learned in life and it is a hard one. You will encounter many idiots in life. This teacher is an idiot. If you challenge the idiot who is in a position of authority you will always be the one who loses. This is because the idiot is higher ranking than you are. Best advice is to keep your mouth shut, play the game, rise past the idiot and get the grade. Then you will be in a position to change the world. If you protest, the idiot will win. The principal will always back the teacher in cases like this because the principal is the one who hired the teacher so you can bet the principal won't admit the teacher does not have the knowledge. Furthermore the school district approved that textbook for use so they are going to use it for sure until the next textbook review time comes due and that can be as long as a 5 year cycle in some school districts. The teacher may be prohibited from talking about things that aren't specifically covered in the textbook. I taught for a school district that was that way. Keep your mouth shut. Do the necessary. Go to medical school and then you will be in a position to really have the knowledge and power to change things.
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Percival Percival
sure, she is obviously uneducated, yet you're showing a loss of tolerance. you may desire to understand that no longer all and sundry became born with the present of intelligence. I hated my well-being classification to boot, besides the fact that, I used classification time as a learn hall (even nevertheless my instructor hated me doing that, I wasn't approximately to waste hours another day speaking / staring out into area like something of the class), then i could do the little e book artwork assignments in the final 5 minuets of sophistication. you may choose for to benefit the thank you to handle human beings you do unlike. circumvent disagreement in any respect value! try your superb to no longer get on anyones undesirable component. it fairly is an exceptionally needed management means-- coping with human beings you do unlike. She does not only call your mum and dad only like that, she might desire to have had a reason of you showing disrespect/ being impolite or announcing some thing propose/offensive to her in a disrespectful tone. i choose for to propose you show regret if it fairly is the case. you may choose for to be the bigger guy or woman right here. After it fairly is performed, only pass on and carry on with my advice of making use of the class as a learn hall. sure the class is stupid, yet you may desire to take what you get and make the superb of it like I did. EDIT: "i'm sorry for being disrespectful, yet i won't help yet observe that which you're thoroughly ditzy and your classification is a comedian tale"? I strongly urge you to no longer say the 2d element of that sentence. that's going to easily make concerns worse. have confidence me.
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Lowell Lowell
I recommend that you should to talk to your principal about this. If it is really that outdated, it would be best for the principal to fire your teacher. She probably got a horrible grade in her subject.
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