What should a humanities strong person major in?

What should a humanities strong person major in? Topic: Strong writing and communication skills
July 21, 2019 / By Barb
Question: I love to write and want to one day make enough money off my books to live off of. However , while I am trying to kickoff my writing career I want to major in something that will bring in good money but wont get me a job that has long hours etc like lawyers or something. And if I do have to work 9-5 , I would like for my work not to intrude on my leisure time like having to grade papers at home or whatever like a teacher. So basically , I want a job that will have a good salary but will still leave me time to write and stuff....so like what jobs would fit that and what would I need to get a degree in ?
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Addy Addy | 5 days ago
Choose a degree that you will enjoy, based on your interests. All you need for most graduate jobs is a good degree (2:1 or above) in any subject. So, you might as well pick one you enjoy, because when you have a genuine interest in something then you'll work harder and gain better grades. As you love to write, an essay based subject like English or History sounds perfect. Don't listen to anyone who says that you can't get a job with an English degree - the truth is, you can do pretty much ANY job with an English degree. It's a great classic subject that shows you have the communication and language skills that employers look for. Don't worry too much about deciding your exact career yet - I had no idea what I wanted to do until my last couple of months at uni. There will be a careers service and careers talks at uni, and they can help you to find a suitable career.
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Tanner Tanner
The number of writers who manage to live off their writing alone is minuscule. Unless you want to be miserable in a convenience job, you should prepare for a career that you will love for the rest of your life. Me, I'm studying to become a professor of literature, because studying literature and sharing it with others is something that makes me happy. You could look at a career as an editor, a creative writing intructor. You could work as a journalitst. I can't guarantee that you'll get the hours and the salary you want...but hey, life isn't how much money and freetime you have. It's what you do.
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Peregrine Peregrine
So does everyone else who likes to write. Now, get back to reality and pick a major based on what you'll really be spending most of your life doing. Seriously, if you're playing this much games with "I love to write and want to one day make enough money off my books to live off of," you have no clue, and won't put in the effort to catch the clue, so pick a career where your boss will keep telling you what you need to do next.
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Lucas Lucas
I think the key is to have the discipline to use any time you have to write. Other authors have written while holding down careers, no reason you can't too. You might take courses leading to certification as a med tech. The hours are the sort you say you want, and the pay is good. Furthermore, the knowledge of the way hospitals work may be useful wl
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