Credit card question?

Credit card question? Topic: Writing letters to credit bureaus
July 21, 2019 / By Barbra
Question: I went to apply for a credit card and put in my name, adress, and social. When they put it in computer my dads info came up, whats that mean? We've never got a credit card or nothing together.
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Adele Adele | 8 days ago
Credit bureaus have a nasty habit of (correctly or not) associating two people's credit reports, particularly if the name is the same or similar. I once noticed a substantial drop in my credit score almost overnight. I pulled my report and found that they had incorrectly associated my report with someone who had lived in Tennessee and apparently never paid his bills on time. Luck favors the prepared so do your homework by pulling your reports. Then its as simple as submitting a challenge to the information on your credit report (most can be done online now). Credit bureaus are one of the few places that writing actual hard copy letters works really well also. Good luck!
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Adele Originally Answered: Credit card question?
I am not sure that any are really substantially heavier. I just weighed my American Express and 4 other credit cards. Guess what? Each and every one weighs 0.17 ounces. On the metric scale they weighed from 4.9 to 5.0 grams. One made out of a white plastic felt like it was heavier, but the scale proves otherwise (4.9 gr). It might be possible, but not very likely that a few credit cards are made of a heavier, denser plastic.

Tayler Tayler
Do you have the same name as your dad? If so then that's probably the reason, it happens extremely often. Go to annualcreditreport.com and order hard copies of all of your credit reports and look them over. List out which ones belong to your dad and send that, along with a copy of a utility bill that's in your name and a copy of your DL, and explain that you are a junior and those accounts belong to your dad and ask them to remove them.
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Tayler Originally Answered: Bank and credit card question?
Along with the summons there should be a complaint for breach of contract, I guess, stating the amount of damages (how much they say you owe them). Until a judgment is entered and a writ of execution is issued (in this case a garnishment order), no, they cannot just garnish your bank acocunt. If you have answered the summons, then wait for the court date and go to the hearing. They can take no action without a judgment. Even with a judgment, I doubt they can just take your assets unless they can show that you have a bunch of money and are simply trying to rip them off. Have you thought about looking into filing for protection under the bankruptcy laws? The only exception is if you owe a goverment entity. They will simply withhold what you owe from your state or federal income tax refund check (if any).
Tayler Originally Answered: Bank and credit card question?
Yes. If you fail to go to court, they can freeze your bank account. Best option - call your credit card company and try and work out a solution to stop the court proceedings. Most credit card companies want to work with you for a resolution. If you tell them that you can make small payments, and get it in writing, many times they will work with you, stop court proceedings and you will remain free from having your account frozen. Granted, you will have to make small payments, but should be attempting to pay the debts you owe anyway.

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