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Would you read this novel? Topic: How to write a sad romance
July 16, 2019 / By Beatie
Question: Okay I'd like you to be honest but please don't be rude or offensive. I have been writing this for a while but am no where near finished yet,by the way it's in 1st person. The plot: Time: around 3000 (the year) So the human race is basically extinct expect for colonies covering Australia. The main character is a humanoid (a mix of human DNA and the invaders DNA) named Raine. The story is about how she overcomes everything to save the ones she loves and even tries to kill herself to save them. It's all about her selfdoubt, bad 'childhood', her bad side and how much you would risk to protect the people around you. I can't really describe it but its got lots of action, romance, a little gore, two M 15+ sex scenes. And it's meant to be one of those novels that kinda makes your heart hurt causes its really sad. BE HONEST BUT NOT RUDE! THANKS by the way being humanoid she is still like any other human. She is probably more human than most of us LOL. It's not like she's a robot okay to that person I have absolutely no idea who mary Sue is. I am aim to get the book published, I'm only 14 so I'm think it might take a while but I really do hope I can :) by the way the reason i didnt really include much information is because I don't want to risk someone trying to copy it or anything (not saying its worth copying LOL)
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Adelphie Adelphie | 4 days ago
I think it sounds excellent, I would read it! In fact i wish you had already written it because I want to read it now xD EDIT: There are a lot of different variations of a "Mary-Sue". Basically, it's a character that is either impossibly perfect (however depending on the story, these can be acceptable. For example, if a character is secretly from another planet they may be perceived as a Mary Sue) or extremely cliche'.
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Phelim Phelim
The premise sounds interesting. But your main character looks like she's been dipped into a toxic vat of Mary Sue. She'd probably annoy me after two or three chapters and I'd put the book down.
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Maachah Maachah
I think it'd be good, but with the whole heart-hurt thing, you'd have to write it perfectly to move someone when it's about a humaniod. But other than that, it's a lil original, and yes I would read it if it was published or an e-book. Hope I Helped!
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Jehezekel Jehezekel
Well it's a tad hard to get a sense of it with the information you shared, but it seems like a very interesting idea! and I think it definitely has potential! Keep writing! it's always very cool to have another good book to read :) And to answer your question, I think I would read it.
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