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JUNO anyone? Topic: Movie newspaper reviews
July 16, 2019 / By Beatrice
Question: Am I the only person that was disappointed by "Juno"? I finally saw it this weekend because my girlfriend really wanted to see it, I was looking forward to it to because of the rave reviews but wanted to see Walk Hard instead. Anyways, I don't know if it was all the hype that made my expectations skyrocket, but I was disappointed in it. All the movie was, was a bunch of "hipster" talk. Teenagers making up their own language. They advertised so much that Michael Cera from Superbad was in it, but his screen time was so minimal. Anyways, it was an ok movie, definetly not what every made it out to be. It wasn't terrible but I wouldn't buy it on DVD or even care to see it again. Certainly not worth the $9.25 I paid to see it......well $18.50 since I paid for my girl too, BOO!!! What do you guys think of the movie?
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Adelyna Adelyna | 5 days ago
I don't know... I had mixed feelings about it as well. The things the movie taught were lame too. First, it pretty much said that if you're a young girl, you can do whatever you want. Second, if you get pregnant, you should put the baby up for adoption. But then the movie went on to steal your faith in the adoption process. She found the parents in a newspaper add. And they split up... so, in essence, it was a pretty lame movie full of pretentious bull.
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1. Teenage Pregnancy 2. Pre-marital Sex 3. Abortion 4. Adoption 5. Family issues such as divorce, ect. 6. Partners involvement 7. support from friends, family Good luck! Hope this helped!

Teigue Teigue
i loooooooooved it...maybe its a girl movie...half way through the movie i decided i was going to buy it when it came out all the hipster talk i thought was funny bc they were like making fun of it and would throw it in randomly to a string of other hipster words...made me laugh
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Phil Phil
I am still waiting to see Juno.. but I saw Walk Hard- SO funny... definately get out to see that one ;)
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Phil Originally Answered: Are these Juno actresses for real?
personally, maybe i missed something, but i saw nothing wrong with it, they were promoting a movie....which part was so offensive? EDIT: well i call my baby it, and will untill i know what im having. (ex: the baby has ITS arm over ITS face). and two good job judging something you never saw. it doesnt act as if it is a joke, she in that scene is trying to make light of a difficult situation. and did you ever see knocked up, that movie made all kinds of jokes about pregnancy too and no one got offened by that. everyone on here tells teens, that ask what should i do?, give the baby up....thery make a movie about how a teen girl got pregnant and decided the best choice for her wasto give it up and you all flip out! come on people its a MOVIE. its as offensive as any other movie you take wrong way. people are too sensitive about little things.

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