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Not sure if i should? Topic: Should not have homework
July 21, 2019 / By Becci
Question: go to school....im feeling sick, but i have missed a lot of school already. I have missed 23.5 days of school this year. I have already taken half the day off because of an appointment, but i dont know if i should go to school or miss the enitre day. Heres the problem, i wil be missing math and science. the teachers hate me because i miss so much school. I went on holiday a few weeks ago and missed some school, and im still catching up. If i missed today, i could catch up with all my homework and not feel as stressed. My symtoms are sore throat really really bad headache chills so bad i can hardly type should i miss the rest of the day? or go to school sick, miserable, and mayb get everyone else at the school sick....?
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Adene Adene | 8 days ago
You need to take some tylenol or ibuprofen on a regular basis and then see how you feel. Missing more school only puts you farther and farther behind the rest of your class which is not good. Treating the symptoms will help you get through the day and then come home and take a nap before taking on your homework.
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Temani Temani
Was your appointment with the doctor? Do you have a fever? If so, what is the temperature? If you are feeling bad and very stressed, I would stay home and rest. If you've missed that many days, maybe your doctor could write a note. You said you needed to catch up on your homework...is that because you have not been feeling well. It would help us answer if you could explain more detail.
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Philipe Philipe
well, how are your grades? if your grades are suffering because you've missed so much school--you better go to school. if your still getting As or at least high Bs, i'ld say go ahead and stay home to finish the make up work.
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Mack Mack
i always went to school, no matter how sick i was. sickness is not an excuse to miss school for me personally.
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