A question about the TSA airlines security?

A question about the TSA airlines security? Topic: Image writing a check
July 21, 2019 / By Becka
Question: Hi there I am going to be going to California in July on the Alaska Airlines from Portland, Oregon. I have a hobby in fire alarms and got a few from ebay. I am planning to take my one very special fire alarm to California with me. I like this alarm a lot and I have friends and my sister, who are living in California and I want to show it to them. I have Apsergers Sydrome The alarm that I have is a Simplex 4051 audible signal. It is permametly disconnected and it would never sound. I use it for display and other personal resasons. This what a Simplex 4051 fire alarm horn looks like: http://www.eric.calvinet.com/assets/images/Simplex_4051.jpg It is a size of a computer mouse and it fits right in my pocket. So I am asking if I can have this put away in my carry-on bag while I go through secruity. If not, hopefully it could be in my check-in luggage. Note: If you write any rude comments, rude answers, or make fun of my interest, or insults; I will report you and block you.
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Adilene Adilene | 9 days ago
Wow that really looks like a nice one! It will go through security with no problem at all. DON'T put it in the checked baggage because they use a different kind of X-Ray on it that could possibly damage it. Have a nice flight and have fun in California.
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Temeni Temeni
You can carry it onto the airplane, however, you'll have to put it in the plastic tub to be X-rayed when you go through security. If not, it'll beep when you pass through the metal detector, or the agent will see the bulge in your pocket and make you remove it. Other than that, you won't have any issues.
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Phillip Phillip
I would say yes that you can carry it but may I suggest you go ahead and send it to your sister's house via Fed x or UPS ahead of time. This way you make sure it gets there. Otherwise I would put it in checked luggage and make sure it's wrapped it bubble wrap or something like that to protest it.
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