Windows Media Player "Server Execution Failed" on Win7 Home Premium 64bit?

Windows Media Player "Server Execution Failed" on Win7 Home Premium 64bit? Topic: Problem solving choosing the best solution
July 19, 2019 / By Beckah
Question: I recently tried to play a DVD on WMP and found that the program would not open at all. All it does is flash briefly (like it will open) and then nothing happens. I then attempt to play an mp3 file and a pop up message comes up saying "Server Execution Failed" and I don't see the program at all other than that. I've tried a couple of solutions that I've found online and so far none has worked. Is there anyone with an answer to this problem? Don't blame yourself for this issue with WMP. I had discovered this problem prior to the codec problem I had with GOM. Which is why I decided to go with GOM. Now, I have tried the first part of what you gave me and still no go. But, WMP does work when I go into the Programs Files Folder and open the program by clicking on wmplayer.exe. Windows Media Player will then run through that. However, I am a bit hesitant to switch codec packs. Are you sure it will be okay to switch it? I don't have much problem sticking to GOM Player and Winamp as a my main programs to play DVDs and mp3s.
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Adison Adison | 10 days ago
If this first part fails, try the bottom part. I'm very sorry to put you through all this. Hi again, I recieved that you chose my answer as the best however I feel BAD after reading this question. Honestly media player codec pack has never done this to me, i've always been able to play dvd's on both wmp and gom after installing media player codec pack. I feel asleep earlier and just woke up and am trying to find out why it could be doing this. So far I havent found much, except that it could be a false positive in your antirvirus stopping media player from working correctly after installing media player codec pack, read some suggestions at link, http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Foru... (try reading some of the answers here especially someones named "vivian") free application Fixwin solved my issue in 1 click. go to "Windows Media" on your left menu and click on the first "Fix". solved my issue right away, http://www.thewindowsclub.com/repair-fix... (somone in the link above at the bottom said this app fixed the problem, I can't gurantee it though i've never tried it. If I had known that you was gonna use windows media player and not gom I would only have suggested shark007 pack and gave you step by step instructions to play dvd's with it. Unlike media player codec pack, shark007 can actually associate all files with wmp in the shark007 options window under the help tab. Like media player codec pack shark007 contains a false positive to some antivirus software but it's only a false positive. Hopefully the following info will fix everything below. ......................................... Lets try this one last time here, that is if you don't feel like saying the heck with me. Uninstall media player codec pack, see my link at bottom for shark007 instructions. Now this may seem strange you have to install shark007 codec pack for windows 7 32-bit first then install the complement for it for 64-bit. The download links are at the bottom and will take you to majorgeeks site for the download. Go there and read the 2 pages at shark007 site and follow the instructions. http://shark007.net/win7codecs.html (read this page then see download link at bottom) http://shark007.net/x64components.html (after installing the above install this, download link at bottom) http://shark007.net/forum/ (if you need any help, shark007 owner is the man to ask he is the real expert there is also a wiki help page you will find at the site.) Now after you've uninstalled media player codec pack, and installed the shark007 pack. Then see my link below for configuring ffdshow to play dvd's for wmp, only if it doesnt play them right away. Also see my link it tells you how to turn off those annoying haali splitter and ffdshow icons if you want. This pack will make windows media player the default player for everything if you choose that but isn't limited to just wmp it will work on any player that uses directshow filters including gom. You may want to try media player classic under shark007 tools section also, it plays everything very good and I believe theres a 64-bit version. I hope and pray this will fix your wmp, and everything else. If this doesn't help post a followup and I will try to help you fix what you already have and won't suggest anything else. Very sorry about this and again i've never encountered this problem. See link below for more info on shark007.
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