Are we heading back to a universe(or is that multiverse) without a beginning or end again(steady state theory)?

Are we heading back to a universe(or is that multiverse) without a beginning or end again(steady state theory)? Topic: Case stated meaning
July 21, 2019 / By Belinda
Question: Okay, I know that the Big Bang happened and all. But since then we've come up with string theory, which has now become M-theory. And according to it, the most popular contender for the almost mythical "Theory of Everything", there are multiple dimensions to existence(we could be living inside one while others are too tiny to detect) and, through a lot of other physics stuff which I'm too lazy to type out, there are these things called Membranes and their collisions could have resulted in the Big Bang itself, starting our universe. What interests me is that it says that other(parallel?) universes exist. The thing is that now we've effectively gone "before the Big Bang". Our time doesn't exist then, but some other universe's(in fact many other universe's) does. But once again, we face the problem of when "ALL" of this started. The Big Bang was supposed to be the beginning of everything, but now we've completely sidestepped that idea in order to explain it. So we have once again two options - 1)There was some "Ultimate Beginning" of "Everything", which no physics theory today addresses at all because it would be impossible to see evidence for it in our totally unimportant universe. (Effectively meaning we've got nothing with this option). Or, 2)The "Multiverse", or whatever you wanna call it, has always existed and probably always will(Effectively a "new" Steady State Theory), regardless of whatever happens to our universe.
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Adrea Adrea | 4 days ago
Backwards logic doesn't work. Keep the two 'ideas' separate, you are putting far to much egg into the custard, and we still don't know how the custard was made. Cosmology and the Physics behind it lead to the Big Bang as the most likely explanation for what we see in our Universe, what we have evidence for, it does not depend on anything else happening, all we need to do is prove that every thing we can observe came from a singularity, not from nothing, that would not make sense. Simply, we have the evidence of an explosion, the expanding Universe. with, primarily, everything moving away from every thing else, that does not mean that things cannot bump into each other, or be drawn together by the force of gravity, it simply means that the general trend is for the Universe to continue expanding. The singularity itself at the beginning of this process could be imagined, if you want to, as the most supermassive black hole ever, all matter crushed almost to a single point perhaps smaller than the full stop at the end of this sentence. Such a singularity may be unstable, and therefore liable at some point to explode, pushing all the matter contained out into the 'void'. With such forces at play we know that matter forms 'plasma'. Plasma would move out across the void at collossal speeds, the physics here actually allow for the plasma to break the speed of light, the plasma would rapidly cool, forming hydrogen and helium, and as these cool, eventually stars, and over time other elements would form in these stars, and so on until you reach the present day. The Big Bang suffers from a number of flaws, but these are not critical enough to discount the theory, as the evidence know still balances very much in its favour, we just need to find some missing matter, and some anti-matter, and a lot of missing energy, hence the ideas of Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Dark Flow. These can be proven by Mathematical Physics, but we lack clear evidence. Hence the building of things like the Large Hadron Collider. The Multiverse, (M-theory) is very much in the realms of Quantum Physics and can only be proven on 'paper', there is no 'observable' facts, and no current way of creating an experiment either, the same is true of some other aspects of these ideas, including the associated string theory. If we were to prove the Big Bang, that would not negate M-theory, as M-theory deals with what is beyond our Universe. In other words, is our Universe the only 'big bang' in town, or are there others constantly being created, and perhaps being destroyed. The Steady State Theory would not fit at all into either model, as this was based on the idea that our Universe is a constantly renewing one, and we now know that is not the case.
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Terance Terance
I read in Wikipedia recently that the amount and distribution of deuterium in the universe could not have been achieved through steady state theory, but that there had to be a big bang to create it all in a big explosion, rather than over time.
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Pierce Pierce
I don't know about you, but personally I'm heading to an inflationary universe (part of the multiverse hypothesis), as described by the Chaotic Inflation theory. Our universe is just a "bubble" of matter that expanded out of the endless vacuum of quantum-gravity foam. It had a beginning.
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Madison Madison
i circulate to reply to your question regardless of the indisputable fact that it could't be ordinary or beloved with the aid of the commonplace public. Take the vast Bang concept and throw it out the window. that's a concept somebody made up quite a on an analogous time as in the past and it would not prepare ok. additionally M concept (the equation of each and every thing) and throw it out the window. maximum people opt for to categorize, set up, and/or classify each and every thing whilst some issues in simple terms can't be categorized. no longer all issues may be interior the comparable class like gravitons and electrons. the recent technology of quantum mechanics and quantum technology are exceptionally sturdy. it is an miraculous class to place your question quite provided that the solutions of the Universe can no longer continuously be defined employing technology yet may be greater desirable defined with Philosophy. i like to think of of the universe as a a million-dimensional merchandise. a factor. existence. "interior" that's a 2-dimensional egg-shell like barrier. 2 dimensions grant the "the place" "interior of" that 2-dimensional barrier is the three dimensional existence. 3 dimensions grant in simple terms yet another layer of length. you may quite make a three dimensional merchandise employing 2 dimensions. it is hard to describe however the a million-dimensional Existences or "realities" can bypass with the aid of one yet another yet... they're ALL related. whilst they have area between them, gravitons can circulate between the various many realities. in accordance to a lot of people, each and every thing it is born or created is ultimately destroyed or dies. that's a threat. to reply to your question, i've got faith that there are further and further realities being created and that i do no longer know at what velocity. yet possibly at some point we are able to communicate to different realities. i do no longer think of we are able to ever merge with different realities. i've got faith that that's a threat for the Earth and Universe to rework to a greater physically powerful or decrease dimensional value. (yet that's an entire new communique) i'm hoping that facilitates. take in recommendations, my answer won't be thoroughly precise in view that i'm an insignificant human and constrained to my awareness of all that's. -have a sturdy one :)
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Madison Originally Answered: Multiverse theory.or is that theology?
Its only a "theory" in common terminology In scientific terminology its an "idea" or at best an "hypothesis" Dont matter how much people write about it, it stays an idea until somebody gets some actual evidence they exist, and to date there is none.

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