How can i solve these 2 math word problems?

How can i solve these 2 math word problems? Topic: Math thesis paper
June 17, 2019 / By Bellinda
Question: 1. it takes Nana 12 days to type her thesis. a professional typist could type it in 8 days. How long would it take to type the thesis if both worked together? 2. One car travels 30 m.p.h faster than another. In the same time that one travels 200 miles the other goes 320 miles. Find the rate of each car. in problem 2 i know that i have to use the formula D=RxT but i do not what goes where in the formula
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Adriana Adriana | 8 days ago
1) if Nana needs 12 days, that would mean that she finishes 1/12 of the paper in 1 day, similarly it would mean that the pro finishes 1/8. use this formula: 1= x (1/12 + 1/8) and solve for x. the formula means, to finish the whole paper, it would take x days for nana (1/12) and the pro (1/8) working together. you will get 4.8 days. 2) set the speed one one car x, the speed of the other car would be x+30. use the formula D = RxT, you will get 1 equation for each car. car 1: 200 = x *T car 2: 320 = (x+30) *T T is the same for both cars, so solve for T for each equation and set the T's equal to each other. you will get the equation 200/x = 320/(x+30), cross multiply you would get 200(x+30) = 320 x solve for x, you will get x= 50 so car 1 = 50 mph, car 2 = 80 mph
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