Moms, what do you think about having an unassisted pregnancy/home birth?

Moms, what do you think about having an unassisted pregnancy/home birth? Topic: Main body of a research paper
July 16, 2019 / By Benjamina
Question: I am doing an argumenative paper on Homebirths, I personally do not agree with it. I belive women should feel comfortable in hospitals because they know that their babies as well as themselves are safe. Feel free to express your feelings rather you agree or disagree all opions are helpful! Thanks! :)
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Best Answers: Moms, what do you think about having an unassisted pregnancy/home birth?

Adriannah Adriannah | 2 days ago
I'm having a midwife assisted birth at a birth center. Personally, I do not feel safe at all in a hospital. In a hospital, I'd be attended by OB's who are essentially surgeons. They are medically trained to handle medical emergencies, rather than normal births and so they tend to overreact and treat every pregnancy like an emergency or illness rather than the natural life process that it is. There is a reason that the cesarean rate in the US is 35% which is astronomically high. Hospitals are also more likely to push drugs, but not disclose the real risks. Hospitals are for-profit institutes and their main goals are to make money, not to care for patients. A drugged birth costs a lot more and therefore benefits the hospital much more. Midwives have a different view. They are trained to view birth normally and treat it as such. They work with a woman and her body and respect her as the capable, intelligent, and equipped person that she is. They will educate a woman and use interventive medicine only when really called for. There is no need for most women to be in a hospital. Most hospitals enforce practices that actually inhibit labor such as forcing women to labor on her back with her feet in stirrups rather than while squatting and working with gravity or on a hands and knees position. This is driven by convenience for the OB and goes against what research has shown to be more beneficial. Laboring on your back is also much more painful. No wonder hospitalized women give up and beg for drugs. Also, while they are in a condition where there body is basically running a marathon, they are denied any kind of food or water. Ice chips just don't cut it. Research has shown that laboring women can and should be allowed to eat light snacks and drink fluids. These are just a few examples of practices that hospitals adopt for the convenience of the OB over the benefit of the patient. Most home birthed babies are much better off. I think you also need to distinguish between unassisted and hospital birth. Most women who give birth at home are attended by a fully qualified midwife. Very few women choose to birth unassisted.
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Thaddeus Thaddeus
I would say a completely unassisted home birth is never a good idea. There should at least be a certified midwife present to supervise, who is trained and can determine the need to go to a hospital or call for an ambulance if complications surface. But if the pregnancy has been uncomplicated, it can be a safe and very fulfilling way to deliver. I like the idea of the birthing centers that are in or close to the hospital. Too often in hospitals they push meds on you or push you through delivery unnaturally fast, or opt for a C-section just to get you out the door and get someone else (and their insurance) into your hospital bed. But if the birthing center will let you do it on your (or rather Nature's) terms, then so much the better, no drugs, no rushing it...that's how I want to do it when the time comes...
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Porter Porter
I think it is risky. For most low-risk women, having a baby at a hospital or at home winds up being the same outcome - a healthy baby. But many of the deaths that occur in homebirths could have been prevented had the mom been at a hospital or with a qualified (certified) midwife. Things like recognizing difficulties with breathing, recognizing when the baby is distress during labor, etc. Those aren't common situations, but when they happen minutes count when recognizing it and getting help for it. Fortunately, with some hospitals now offering birth centers within the hospital, some women can get the best of both worlds. Maybe not quite as comfortable as their home, but they can still have a labor that they're in charge of while also having the medical security of doctors down the hall should something go awry.
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Maitland Maitland
I believe its unwise... There can be a lot of complications during the end of labor that would warrant a type of medical intervention. If your having a home birth it can put you and the baby at risk health wise because you will not have immediate access to a hospital ( you'd have to call an ambulance or get in the car and drive and depending on how far away you are) There is no way of knowing whether or not your going to have a safe and smooth labor and delivery until its over. Personally thats a risk I'm not willing to take. You can have a very natural labor in a hospital. But I believe a hospital is better because of the access you have for medical treatment if necessary.
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Jenkin Jenkin
The women I know who have done home births have had midwives and planned it out well so there was no problem but...they were also tied into the local hospital had there been a problem. Years ago -as recently as 60 years ago women did homebirths all the time. Sometimes they had a nurse or doctor but often it was just their own mothers or a lady from the neighborhood who stood as midwife,. With some of these replies I am surprised mothers ever find the courage to leave the hospital with their babies. So many bad things can happen ...Babies raised in bubbles, is that next?
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Jenkin Originally Answered: Pregnancy on birth control?
I was a regular user of birth control pills for about 20 years. I went off them when we were trying to conceive each of our older 3 children plus during the time I was breast feeding. My husband and I are in a monogamous relationship and there was no reason for us to use another form of birth control, such as condoms, while I reliably used birth control pills. We frequently had sex and he ejaculated in me every time. The success rate of oral contraceptives is quite high at 94-99%. However, no form of birth control is 100% effective, except for abstinence. Combination birth control pills work in several ways. First, the different levels of hormones in the pills suppress ovulation. In addition, they also make the cervical mucous thick so it makes it difficult for sperm to swim through. Finally, birth control pills cause the uterine lining to be difficult for a fertilized egg to implant in. Despite these things and even with using birth control pills exactly as directed, some women still get pregnant. I am mom to 4. Our youngest was conceived quite unexpectedly when I was reliably taking birth control pills for 11 years in a row with no breaks. I had taken them so long that taking them at the same time each day was as normal for me as breathing. I never missed a pill and I wasn't taking any medication that would have interfered with the pill's effectiveness. I hadn't even had any bouts of vomiting or diarrhea. Our little surprise joined our family when our older kids were 18, 15, and 12. In most cases, women have no problems taking birth control pills and they work well to prevent pregnacy. However, sometimes things just don't go according to plan. In your particular situation, if your girlfriend is reliably taking birth control pills there really is no reason you have to pull out. You can if it's satisfactory to both of you, but it isn't necessary. Chances are high (more than 90%) that if any sperm manage to swim in they'll not be able to make it through the thick cervical mucous. If they do, once they reach the fallopian tubes there won't likely be any egg waiting for them to fertilize. Even on the outside chance that there is an egg and it is fertilized it won't probably implant properly. At this point in time there really is no reason to worry. ADDED: In the best case scenario, sperm should be ejaculated into the vagina to ensure they get inside. However, sperm are pretty good swimmers and if they come in contact with the vulva, which is the outside opening of the vagina, it is possible for them to find their way inside.

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