Please answer these 6 questions?

Please answer these 6 questions? Topic: pay for essay online
July 19, 2019 / By Bernadette
Question: Question 1 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points) Individuals which produce the most offspring have traits that make them less successful in the environment. traits that are not well suited for the environment. traits that interfere with their ability to compete in the environment. traits that make them more successful in the environment. --------------------------------------... Question 2 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points) _____________ is very important in creating diverse populations. Sexual reproduction Cloning Natural selection Competition --------------------------------------... Question 3 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points) Natural selection can cause desirable traits to become more common in a population. form in an individual. become less common in a population. disappear from a population. --------------------------------------... Question 4 (Essay Worth 5 points) Describe the process of natural selection. --------------------------------------... Question 5 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points) Natural selections need _________ in order to take place. a stable environment absence of diversity cloning competition --------------------------------------... Question 6 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points) Natural selection allows populations to adapt to a changing environment. predict the future. remain the same. become extinct.
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Aeron Aeron | 5 days ago
answers a,b,c,d correspond to the 1st, 2nd,3rd, and 4th listed, respectively Q1) d Q2) a Q3) a Q4) (c'mon you don't expect an essay from an online answer, do you?) Q5) d Q6) a P.S. these elementary questions are the basics of the evolutionary theory, which you would probably grasp 4 yourself if you spent the time it took to post this question online to skim over the material and pay attention in class!
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1. Kidney And Bladder Disorder Symptom?......................... Cause And Result?....................?..... Treatment? Regular Urine Tests, Bed Rest, Antibiotics, Reduce..................???...... 2. Anemia Symptom? Feels Tired And Listless. Causes And result? most women start pregnancy without the sufficient stores of iron. if you no longer have enough iron to make the hemoglobin you need, you become anemic. Risks are higher if you hve morning sickness severe enough to cause frequent vomiting, two or more pergnancies close together, multiple pregnancy like twins, iron-poor diet, or if you pre-pregnancy menstrual flow was heavy. Treatment? Take iron or Folic acid and vitamin B12 Tablets. 3. Ectopic pregnancy Symptom? Severe Pain On One Side Cause And Result? Fertilized Egg Gets Stuck In Fallopian Tube. Treatment? If an ectopic pregnancy is present, immediate medical attention is necessary. If the person being evaluated is stable medication may be given to “dissolve” the pregnancy. Treatment with a drug called methotrexate is effective in selected cases of ectopic pregnancy and is associated with minimal side effects. For more advanced gestations, intratubal injection (under laparoscopic and ultrasonic guidance) of methotrexate, potassium chloride or prostaglandin F has also been used, but this is uncommon. If the person being evaluated has signs of internal bleeding, a surgical procedure will be performed immediately to evacuate any blood and remove the pregnancy. 4. Preeclampsia (also called toxemia) Symptoms? High Blood Pressure, Swelling, Protein in Urine, High Weight Gain, Develops in late Pregnancy. Cause & Result? The exact cause of preeclampsia is unknown. Increased risk factors: History of preeclampsia, first pregnancy, age (older than 35), obesity, multiple pregnancy (twins etc), gestational diabetes, history of medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease or lupus. Treatment? rest, laying on left side, increase prenatal checkups, consume less salt, drink more water. blood pressure medication, delivery. 5. Fibroids & Ovarion cysts Symptoms? Swellings on wall of uterus or the ovaries. May cause pain or bleeding. Cause & Result? Typically, ovarian cysts are functional (not disease related) and occur as a normal process of ovulation. A fibroid starts as a single muscle cell in the uterus. For reasons that are not known, this cell changes into a fibroid tumor cell and starts to grow and multiply. Heredity may be a factor. Treatment? many patients require no treatment. severe cases require surgery 6. Haemorrhage Symptoms? Heavy Bleeding Cause & Result? Complications with placenta. Treatment? Medical Care Essential.
Aeron Originally Answered: Questions On Complications During Pregnancy.PLEASE Help Im Stuck! Best Answer To First Proper Answer?
If you want to eliminate the uterine fibroids with easy to apply methods and practices then you require the Fibroids Miracle process from here https://tr.im/prYnD Fibroids Miracle use a mix of normal therapies and a multidimensional method of eliminate uterine fibroids, prevent their recurrence, increase fertility, provide the human body back in a hormonal stability, and entirely eliminate all indicators such as for example pelvic stress and pain, bloating, vexation, bleeding, and pain all through sex. The fibroids miracle is one of the simple stand more adept healing practices of the fibroids wellness conditions.
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Aeron Originally Answered: Questions On Complications During Pregnancy.PLEASE Help Im Stuck! Best Answer To First Proper Answer?
#2 is iron deficiency (anemia) #3 is ectopic pregnancy #4 is pre-eclampsia. Now, since you have all of the six different diagnosis / complications, just goto webmd.com or wiki to get the cause/results and treatment. Good luck.

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1) NO - hopefully you're not planning to breed him because you're not a selfish person that would add kittens to the pet overpopulation problem with the MILLIONS already being put down in shelters. Also pretty sure this isn't a pedigreed cat from Champion, Grand Champion bloodlines so there'd be no reason to breed him. 2) yes of course that means the dates you'll be gone Why don't you want to alter your male cat? You're leaving him open to Testicular and Prostate Cancer. Also isn't he spraying his stinky pee all over everything? I'm sure this cattery is asking you this because it doesn't make sense as to why you wouldn't alter him. And I'm sure they don't want him spraying all over everything in the cattery. Why not get him neutered before your trip? It's the responsible thing to do, the cattery will be happier AND your cat will live a longer, healthier life.

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