What papers have to be signed to adopt kittens?

What papers have to be signed to adopt kittens? Topic: Black cat writing paper
July 19, 2019 / By Bernadine
Question: So, I have a garage and there are tons of cats living around there, strays with people that feed them clean them, take them to the vet. Recently, there were some kittens that were born, 4 black ones :]. They're one month now and a guy I know wants to adopt one of them. They're not in a shelter yet so I can give the kitten right to him. What paperwork or legal process do I have to go through?
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Aeryn Aeryn | 6 days ago
Kittens should not leave their mom until they are at least 8 weeks (2 months) old. They are still nursing at the age of 1 month (4 weeks), and need to be weaned first. Separating them from momma cat too early can cause the kitten to have problems later on. At 5 weeks they can start to be transitioned to moist dry cat food alot to get them to learn to eat cat food. Momma cat will also make them stop nursing as they get old enough to leave, because they will be big enough that they are bothering her and she knows it's time for them to stop nursing. She will begin swatting them away to keep them from nursing. This is a natural instinct momma cats have to help wean their babies. Please have your friend wait another month before adopting one of the babies. I promise, they will be just as cute at 2 months as they are now :) You need to speak with all the people that care for the strays and see if anyone has a problem with your friend adopting a kitten (when they're old enough, of course). You dont want to be giving them away if someone else feels they are entitled to them too. If no one has a problem with your friend adopting a kitten, since they are strays then I dont see why you can't just let him pick the one he wants. You shouldn't need any paperwork unless there is an actual organized rescue group/agency involved in caring for the strays, or if one of the caretakers wants something in writing for some reason. Just make sure your friend is prepared for all of the challenges of kitten ownership so he knows what he is getting into, and is willing to truly commit to caring properly for the kitten as he grows up into adulthood. Many people rush into getting a kitten, only to find out that they aren't as interested in him once he grows up. Thats the thing with kittens.... eventually they turn into CATS. Good luck, I hope this helps. =^.^=
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Aeryn Originally Answered: How long will it take our male cat to get used to his kittens?
Male cats take no part in the raising of kittens. Their sole role is to impregnate the female - nothing more. The kittens are simply additional cats to your male and it would be wise to keep him away from them. Were you going to keep the kittens, you would have to go through the process of introducing them to each other - I have the procedure we use written up but it is rather large and I won't include it here. If you want a copy, email me. There is no need for you to get the kittens and the male together. There is no "fatherhood" for male cats - they mate with the female and that is the end of the their role. Though it does not happen all the time, or even the majority of the time, male cats have been known to kill kittens. I would simply keep the mother and kittens away from the male cat all the time to avoid any possible problems. Give up trying to put the male and kittens together - the male has absolutely no reason, or instinctive need or tendency, to care for the kittens. I wish you had done some reading before letting your cat have kittens. Had you done so, you would already know that males take no part in the raising of kittens. They mate with the female and that is it. I also wish you have not let your cat have a litter. For every kitten produced by those like you, one of the kittens or cats at the various shelters will not find home and will be killed to make room for the multitude of cats and kittens which are dumped at shelters every day. Please have your female spayed as soon as the kittens are fully weaned. Whether or not your male will revert to his old ways when the kittens are gone is something that can't be determined right now. You will just have to wait until the kittens are gone and see what happens. As to handling the kittens, read this page: http://www.catchow.com/KittenCareCenterA... Among other things, it says: ------------------- The more human contact the better - the sooner the better. Interact with kittens as soon as possible. Studies show that a litter of kittens born in a location inaccessible to humans will, as early as two to three weeks, hiss at humans. A litter of kittens from the same mother, if handled daily, will not react fearfully. Some research suggests that handling kittens each day during the first month of their lives may improve their learning ability. Kittens tend to react more readily to humans when the mother cat is present. The belief is that she does not send alarming signals to her kittens and her presence reassures them. The February 1993 Animal Health Newsletter published by the Cornell University School of Veterinary Medicine reports a study indicating that handling kittens very early in life accelerates their development. Siamese kittens handled 20 minutes a each day during their first 30 days of life opened their eyes earlier and emerged from their nesting box earlier than littermates not handled that way. -------------------- As to neutering the male - removing his testicles will do nothing to affect habits and behavior he has already learned. Without his testicles he will not have as much testosterone and will not produce sperm, but his behavior will not change very much. I take it that you let the male roam outside - that is not wise given all the dangers to cats outdoors. We used to allow some of our cats to go outside but after one was run over and killed by a car and two others were very badly bitten, in one case by a possum and in the other case we have never determined what bit the cat. None of our cats go outside now. I screened in the front porch and they can lay on the wide ledges and watch the people, birds, and squirrels go by. For activity, they have the entire house to run wild in - and there are times when three or four are racing around the house together. Again - male cats have only one role in reproduction - they mate with the female and impregnate them with their sperm. That's it! They don't stay around and help the female raise the kittens. Cats simply are not "wired" that way. Please have your female spayed.
Aeryn Originally Answered: How long will it take our male cat to get used to his kittens?
He's a cat. He has no clue they're his kittens, all he knows is that there's a whole mess of little intruders wandering around his territory, monopolizing the attentions of his female. If you want him to calm down a little then get him fixed. He is always going to be on edge so long as he's intact and there's a female around, and if you let him near those kittens he's likely to kill them so he can breed her again. **Added** It can take up to a month after neutering for all the sex hormones to get out of his system, but his attitude toward the kittens is probably already set so I'd just keep them apart.

Theo Theo
The cats legally belong to whoever pays for their vet care. If this is a feral colony that is being managed by an organization or such, he would apply for adoption through them. I hope Mom has an apt. to be spayed.
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Price Price
The kittens belong to the people trapping and getting them vet care. Talk to them and pass his information on. They should be glad.
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You are as prepared as you can be, and my thanks go out to you for that. You don't need to take your cat's temperature because there is little information about her labor and delivery you can get from that. Spend as much time as possible with the cat, but not 'hovering' over her. If you don't have a comfortable chair, small table and lamp with low light, put those in so you can be comfortable when sitting with her, and when the babies are being born. You MUST be with her the full time she's in labor, because many cats get into serious trouble and die if left unattended. Other than that, though, you are 'good to go' and the kittens could come any time if the estimate of her pregnancy is correct ... the panting and the pulling/scratching cloth under her are 'nesting impulses' so she is definitely close.

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