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July 20, 2019 / By Berniece
Question: I went to a job and internship fair at my college a couple weeks ago. I was talking with a Representative from Primerica which is a financial planning company. He told me they were having a meeting on my college campus about a week after the job and internship fair which I decided to attend seeing as I am looking for a summer internship. After sitting through the presentation a few things struck me as odd, such as a fair number of their employees do not have college degrees Seeing as they are financial planning Company I this set off a red flag. However, even after this I decided to do an interview with them. When I went to the interview they told me a little bit about the structure of the Company. It sounded like a pyramid scheme to me. The person interviewing me told me they company was set up where brokers have agents which have people under them to get talk to potential customers about the opportunities for finacial planning. After the interview was coming to an end the interviewer asked me if I was ready to get started. Instead of agreeing to do so I just said I had a difficult semester and was not looking to get started on anything until summer. I did this so I could do some research on the company and see if they are a legitimate organization. However, the one thing that makes me think they are a legitimate organization is they fact that they are traded on the New York Stock Exchange. So I am just looking to get more information about they company. If you have worked for them or know anyone who has worked for them I would really like to hear what you have to say. T Thank You!
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Affrica Affrica | 8 days ago
I went to a Primerica meeting when I was 23 years old and that was several years ago. I just graduated from college. I was inexperience and had very little knowledge about any financial products. I went to a meeting just like you did. They talk alot about different things I didn't quite understand and then I met with my recruiter afterward for an interview. He ask me few questions and I answer them. Then he gave me this application (called the Independent Business Application), which I thought was the job application. Then it came to making a payment (which was $199 back then). I ask what is this $199 for? He said its to pay for state licensing requirements. For a young 23 year old, $199 is expensive! I was very hesitant to give them my credit card information and told him to hold on to my application. So he wanted to meet with me in couple days to go over what I saw in the meeting. I went and started to feel more comfortable about the opportunity as I started to understand what they do for families and how much money I can earn. After understanding what they do and how I get paid, I joined and paid the $199. I like to help people and that is what Primerica do. They help families get out of debt and become financially independent. I was interested how to get myself out of debt quickly and how much money I need to save in order to be financially independent. What would of took me 20 years to pay off my student loan, I was able to pay it off in 5 years. Becoming financially independent will take awhile as I needed to accumulate over $1.5 million by the time I retire. Anyway, Primerica is a business opportunity and I can see how people think its a pyramid scheme. You get to recruit people and people pay a fee and that's what make people think its a pyramid scheme. They are so brainwashed as being an employee that they have very little or no understanding how business works and the benefits of owning a business. The fact is that all businesses needs to recruit people to grow and expand their business. Without recruiting, you will be doing all the work by yourself. You only have so many hours in a day and eventually you will get so fatigued, that you just want this nightmare to end. By recruiting people, you just added another 24 hours to your day because each person has 24 hours in their day. Each person you recruit can bring more productivity into your business, hence more cash flow. You don't get paid for recruiting people. You get paid when a recruit makes a sale. As I mentioned earlier, the fee that people pay to join this company does not go to anyone but the state insurance department. Primerica is a very regulated company because it is a financial service company. We deal with people's money and in order to solicit some of the financial products such as life insurance and investments, you need to be licensed. In my state, the total cost to get the life insurance license and the securities license is over $800. When people join Primerica, it cost only $99 and the company pays the rest on their behalf. So the company is actually losing money by recruiting people. In my opinion, Primerica is an amazing business opportunity. My business produce over $5000/month in income for me and I only have about 3 people who work consistently month after month. Of that $5000/month, about 1/2 of it came from my own effort. So if I stopped working, I would still be earning $2500/month. I only work about 20 hrs/week and sometime less than that. If I work harder, my income will definitely grow and I have more recruits. I have recruited many people to find those 3 people who work consistently. I have 7 other recruits who just show up to training and they have to make a decision to go to work. Some of my recruits have recruited people as well, In all, I have about 20 people in my business. I can't force anyone to work as we are all independent business contractors. One thing you don't want to be in Primerica is turn into a manager or a boss. You have to be a business leader all the time by doing most of the work and lead by example. When people see you doing great things, they want to follow you and copy what you did. A little bit of warning: Primerica people are known to be the most positive people in the country and it may be weird if you are not used to being in a positive environment. I grew up in a negative environment where people say I can't do it, people complaining, peers making me feel bad, and hearing bad news after bad news on the TV and radio.
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Theodore Theodore
Yes they are legit, and most brokerage organizations work the same way, no matter which one you go to. Typically the goal of being a financial rep is to set up a branch where you gain clients that purchase your financial products. Over time, you have many people invested with your branch. The "pyramid" feel that you have is because it is much like an apprenticeship, where in order for your branch manager or trainer to be compensated for their time to train you, you have to work and bring them clients to "prove" your worth before you can start building your own clientele (which is why they will probably have you write down 100 people that you know so you have a starting base of people to contact to get your business started). If you are not prepared to be ok with that, and you are not prepared to perhaps live with no income for a time while you try and get your business going, it may not be a good fit for you. It is very appealing to get to point where you are running your own business and your own branch, and opening other branches with other sales representatives, but it will take time to get there. It can be very rewarding when you hit around year 3 or 4 because the residual income can be rewarding as you build your clientele and they continue to invest with you because you have established trust with them. You could have hundreds over the years and have a great business built on referrals and such, so over time the cold calling and asking family and friends goes away because you have a rapport built with current clients who are willing to share their friends and family with you because of the success you have with them. Big picture is the key here, and you may have to commit to 60+ hours a week to really get where you want to be with this rewarding career if it fits your mindset, work ethic and desire to be a financial advisor. While Primerica has a big name out there, they do not always have the best products available to customers, so you may want to consider looking at other firms that do similar things. They also are known for hiring anyone, so it can be easy to start with them, get licensed, and move on to bigger hitters. My favorites, only because their training is awesome, is Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and Edward Jones. It is also helpful to know what their commitment may be to you getting your series 7, 63 and 66 licenses. Series 7 is a min you would want because of what it will allow you to do, so research that for sure. The other thing to consider is if you want to go the insurance route, or get into stock brokering, etc. Others could include Edward Jones (also very good), Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Wachovia now Wells Fargo, Fidelity, eTrade, MetLife, Aflac (more supplemental and insurance based), USAA
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