Romantic way to give a guy an engagment ring?

Romantic way to give a guy an engagment ring? Topic: How to write a romantic song
June 17, 2019 / By Berta
Question: Ok, so I've been engaged for 1 year to this amazing guy. And this year I decided to get him an engagment ring (cause we had to move the wedding date back for a while due to school and financial reasons) Well we were discussing one day how in europe men get engagment rings along with the girls, and he said he wished we would do that. Well I got him a ring and now I just need to figure out how to give it to him. I can't write poetry or songs or anything good like that any suggestions?
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Affrika Affrika | 10 days ago
It might be a nice thought but when giving a ring comes from the heart and with love it is enough to give the person the ring and tell them how you feel. Honestly, what I would do if I were a woman is wear a bikini or panty that ties on the side, slip the ring on there and tie it and present it to him that way. Best of luck.
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Affrika Originally Answered: I left him! Do I give back the ring or cash it in?
Cash it in... he screwed up! Big Time... Not only that... he has wasted good years of your life. You have followed him to the ends of the earth and uprooted your entire life for this man. Cut your losses. Cash in the ring! Engagements are a gift of intent. The wedding ring is the binding agreement. You keep the gift of intent since he broke the deal. Do not let one man controll your entire existence! And never trust a man 100%. It is just a few words of self preservation. Good luck on your future endeavors.

Thomas Thomas
Fix a really romantic dinner and have champagne. Put the ring on a ribbon and tie it to the champagne bottle.
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Quincey Quincey
If you have an animal, put the ring in a box, and tie it with a ribbon around the animals neck to bring to him
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Mallory Mallory
if you're in texas there's a company in south padre island that builds great proposal sand castles and will also hide a ring and/or champagne inside. do a google search to see if there are sandcastle artists in your area
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Jere Jere
My wife and I did something similar to this. Instead of ring I got a TV, a really big TV. (Still didn't cost as much as her ring though). However you do it, lingerie should definately be involved.
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Jere Originally Answered: Should I get a promise ring for my boyfriend?
Don't get him a ring just yet! ideas: -a nice watch -sports team item *if he follows sports* -game cards for any games he may play *if he games* -any video games if he has the station -chocolate -matching bracelets are adorable -cheap ipad/ipad case if he has one Think about what he would love personally! He's still with you which means he loves you for you not what you give him (: You can buy him anything super cheap with a personal connection.

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