Please help.my little boy witholds his breath when he cries, what should I do and how do I stop it?

Please help.my little boy witholds his breath when he cries, what should I do and how do I stop it? Topic: What should i do for extra homework
July 16, 2019 / By Bertha
Question: My 3 year old son stops breathing when he cries, not all the time, only when he is really hurt or upset. He starts to turn blue in the face....many times I put him under the tap and wet his face then he starts to breathe again. But yesterday's incident was different. He stopped breathing, I wet his face and he started breathing again, but with in seconds he stopped breathing again. Wetting his face the second time around didn't help. I eventually laid him on the bathroom floor and gave him mouth to mouth (3 times). I have had him tested (brain scan and epilepsy tests) a year ago, and they didn't find anything wrong with him. The doctor recommend I give him extra iron, but this only worked for a while. Does anybody have some advice for me. PLEASE! I am desperate as I am scared an incident like this happens at a friends house or at school, and they do not know what to do! Thanks Hookoo for the advice, but I can't just turn away and leave him..there is nothingworse than seeing your child turn blue and passing out. Yesterdays incident, I wasn't even in the room...I was busy with my eldest child in the kitchen doing homework. My middle child also used to hold his breath like this, but he seems to have grown ot of it. Yai, I did et really persitent last year...that is when they did the brain scansand tests....she feels I ust need to give im a relly big hiding when he does this, and she thinks he does it on purpose. But I really can't believe this as it is not very easy to stop breathing.
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Best Answers: Please help.my little boy witholds his breath when he cries, what should I do and how do I stop it?

Affrikah Affrikah | 1 day ago
Well, if he's doing it on purpose... let him pass out. But place him on the couch or a bed first so he doesn't hurt himself. :) If it's an ACTUAL reaction, like he REALLY can't breath, have him checked for asthma. When I was little I did the same thing... and so does my daughter. The thing is, people think that asthma is only caused by excessive physical exertion or bad allergies. The truth is that adrenaline plays a huge factor too, and if emotions are running high (which they often do for little ones), it can trigger an asthma attack. Too much mucus in the throat can irritate the bronchial tube, and cause a reaction... and what happens when kids cry? Lots of mucus! http://asthma.about.com/od/signssymptoms... http://asthma.about.com/od/asthmatrigger... The second my parents took me to the doctors for a reaction similar to your son's, I was diagnosed with asthma (which I've grown out of). I was given an emergency inhaler and have been fine ever since. Also, it could be an issue with the diaphragm not relaxing... many times you'll see kids get the hiccups right after they're done crying, and this is due to the diaphragm reacting to distressed breathing. If it contracts- and stays that way- you can't breathe! My advice is to take your son back to the doctor, and get a referral to a respiratory specialist if you have to. Good luck! :)
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Affrikah Originally Answered: My 3 year old cries 24/7 over any and everything.what do to?
Okay momma take a deep breath. You say "I am bending over giving her whatever she wants while ignoring my own needs". Reread that sentence a few times. I am NOT a mom who ignores tantrums. I don't do time outs. I don't do spankings. I don't yell. I don't do a reward system either. Heck I let my kids sleep with me for as long as it was working for them and us and I let them self wean as well. So as you can see I am not a "lay down the law" type of mom.... NONE of what I listed though requires that I EVER ignore my NEEDS to pacify my child's wants. Never, especially not a 3 yr old. So do continue to show her LOTS of love. Make a choice to keep a level patience and calm all day long and don't become reactive. Regardless of what you *think* is going on, there IS a reason she is doing this, so there IS some pay off for her and if that pay off is testing you to see how far you are willing to go to put her first, then maybe that is it - or maybe it's something else. You'd have to think hard and come to that conclusion yourself. People mistake not being harsh in your discipline with not having firm boundaries and guidelines and that is sad. I don't raise my voice to my kids. My 2 younger ones are 5 and 2 and mine via birth. My two older ones came to be via adoption in their tweens (blood sisters) and are now in their early 20's. My girls could tell you I never once yelled at them or spoke a disrespectful word to them...yet they KNEW I meant business. My little ones also know this - because I follow through every time. If I say we cannot do this or that right now and you choose to ignore me then you will have to be removed or the item has to be removed, or whatever. I don't have to yell or give a bunch of warnings, I just address it. If you are upset I will even tell you that I empathize with those feelings and recall that same frustration from my own childhood of not being able to do what I wanted to do all the time or being held to account for my own actions and responsibilities. One easy example from just what I read in your question is that if I had a 3 yr old throwing a fit for chips at breakfast, I'd remove chips from the house entirely. They aren't good nutrition anyway and aren't needed in her diet in any way. I know she may get them from auntie or nana or daddy - but she WILL learn she doesn't get them from you and give up on asking. Don't get snarky when she does ask, just say sweetly (over and over) "Sweetie, don't be silly, you know momma doesn't buy ships anymore". And if it continues just say something like "Okay, that's enough of that - you know there aren't any chips, so you can either pick something GOOD you want for breakfast that we have or I'll just pick for you" (still being upbeat) and then go on about doing breakfast. Are my kids good 24/7 - of course not. Are they good most of the time? Absolutely. Every child has phases too that they go through where there may be more intervention needed or more crying or more climbing or whatever - but despite that, you stay the course and they come out the other side. Be patient not only with her but with you. Troubleshoot to find answers about what might be triggers...how long has she been doing this? What is her schedule/routine like with you? What is it like with dad? How old is your baby? Did having a baby effect her behavior at all? How is her diet as far as healthy and reduced or eliminated processed foods? Does she get enough sleep? Is she still taking naps? Should she be? And whenever you can - engage her when she is NOT crying. You can do simple things like say "Hey baby what are you drawing over there, let me see that!" Or "I see you got those shoes on all by yourself!" It doesn't have to be praise - just let her know you SEE her even when there is NO whining going on. Be MORE enthusiastic when you engage her at those times and be pretty lame and dead pan when you speak with her during meltdowns. These types of approaches often work better then you think. But if you are going to do it, then commit to it 100% for at least 2 weeks. You can't try it for 3 hrs or 2 days and say it's not working. It does take kids a bit to start to realize that there has been a change and the change is sticking....

Thorley Thorley
Maybe he has Apnea and is physically unable to breath once his nose has gotten clogged. That used to happen to my brother. It's best to go to the doctor, but in the meantime you can check WebMD.com for his symptoms, to get a better idea. It's also good to let anyone caring for your son know what his problem is. Usually, especially at school, there is some sort of emergency card where you can list any special accommodations that may need to be made. Also keep in mind that this may be something your son is just doing, a learned habit that he's found earns him attention. If he's intentionally holding his breath and not passing out, that's more of a behavioral issue than anything. You can see a child psychiatrist or just wean it out of him by not giving him the attention as he does it. If he is unintentionally unable to breath and is passing out, then you have a real medical problem.
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Quincy Quincy
Both of my children have done this, I have never tried thet water before but I just blow air in their face really hard. I myself am like you and could never walk away. Yes children do act out more when you walk away but if they are turning blue you just can't walk away. I would go to a different doctor for a second opinion and keep changing till you can find someone who can figure out what is going on. I know it stinks to have to keep chaning doctors but you need to know. Good luck hope everything is ok. Found this website for you. Hope it helps.
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Malone Malone
This sounds like a serious medical problem. If your son's brain is malfunctioning to the point that something as natural as breathing isn't occurring correctly, this might indicate a deeper underlying cause. You should try to consult a specialist in pediatric disorders.
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Jered Jered
Get really persistent and tough. Insist your Dr. retest him. Also, next time it happens, once you revive him, go to the emergency room. Keep talking, if your Dr brushes you off, find a new one. I don't have a clue what this easy, but not breathing equals death, so treat it like the life and death situation that it is.
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Jered Originally Answered: Teenage daughter cries every morning?
Hi there I think she just stressed out im not really sure u should just let her know when she ready to talk she could talk to u. Im only 15 so ik what's it like and ik its hard its really hard there a lot of tests there a lot of homework and there a lot of **** that goes around the school. I think she be fine at first I was the same way I cried too (of course my mom doesn't notice cause she never cared) but I did too cause I care about my grades and I got really bad grades on my tests and I tired really really hard. just try to be there for her. And tell her that no matter what your love her and support her. And when she does tell u if she says something like she had sex or w.e don't jump all over her and be mad at her cause that will just cause her to run away or want to die. my friend got preg and her parents found out and yelled at her kicked her out so she end up killing her self. So please try to be calm as possible when talking to her. but idk it might be stress im not sure that was the case for me but every kid is different so. it might also be she getting picked on and when u asked her maybe she said no cause she to scared. Cause I get picked on too and when my teacher ask me I never told him cause im to scared and they said their just beat the crap out of me again. The point is just try to go talk to her let her know that your there for her let her know that u love her support her and care about her no matter what she does did or is going to do.

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