Could evolution create gods?

Could evolution create gods? Topic: Problem solving plan of action
July 21, 2019 / By Bertie
Question: The One, True God – Part V In the beginning, Law, with its absolute rule, sets all worlds spinning. What being can draw is, like new yarn from a spool, the Order of Law. The fabric of space is an infinitely fine texture for time’s trace. So things won’t ravel, time gives space support and spine with points that travel. Beyond two exceeds the total body number that all being needs. N-body problems would no longer encumber more than two of them. With two point masses, cycling and orbiting through all time passes. Evolution asks, “What could be inhibiting accomplishing tasks?” When no answers come to our small and narrow minds, we just make up some. Even in events when “knowledge” deafens or blinds, “fact” rarely relents. What we “know” gets strange, later on down the winding path, after our facts change. There’s no perfect book, from common grammar to math, anywhere we look. Even the Bible, held against another man, could be some libel. Truth about “knowledge”, the Order of Law began long before college. Peril is neglect of the whole truth about Law’s ultimate effect. The world shall depend on fortune’s ultimate cause, or it may just end. To stay final fate, we’ll find purpose and meaning before it’s too late. To keep civil man from vengefully careening, we must draft a plan. To avoid some trap deployed by fate’s zombie slaves we’ll need a good map. To really see how the Order of Law behaves observe closely now. The present reveals an evolving creation everyone feels. The actions of all involve communication in nature’s wild call. Someone speaks or thinks about some fiction or fact to create some links. No matter what age, people fret and strut to act well up on the stage. When we recognize true worth in common effort, we will organize. True satisfaction, far beyond some mere comfort, is taking action. Most problems we’ll solve together, or all alone, when we can evolve. Some divine being our destiny may condone could be worth seeing. We can evolve, still, though we’ve made many mistakes with hopes and goodwill. We can keep growing in spite of all the heartaches and lack of “knowing”. As this world is turned closer to divinity, a god’s name is earned. Against all the odds approaching infinity, we can make good gods.
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Affton Affton | 2 days ago
We must examine the pattern of the ancient Greeks Although the truth man rarely speaks. Some men turned into hereos sculpted in stone. If they led their troops into battle Their horses may be shown. Heroes turned into epic heroes Of song, myth and lore. Epic heroes became demi-gods, Honoured even more. The demi-gods became gods And chaos ensued The gods had human folies And could not be subdued. The monuments started to crumble, The culture was transported far away To distant countries that felt it maybe had something to say. The monuments were resurrected in countries abroad. The crumbling ruins were left for gaping tourists to ponder What can happen when man turns to god. . Until man renounces the system Little is left to be said. Man still wants some things the good way and some by doing wrong And he thinks combining good and bad will get him ahead.
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Affton Originally Answered: Since Scientist create the experiments for Evolution does that make them the Creator?
Johnny, evolutionists have never created macroevolution many times in a lab. They tried for 80 years with fruit flies to change them in any way, by bombarding them with radiation, harsh conditions, and all that happened is that they were all still fruit flies. and yes if they ever created synthetic life it would actually be in favor of creation not against it, plus all they would be doing is they would be copying God when creating this life because they are using the his blueprint which is DNA. DNA is the most sophisticated language in the universe and most sensible people know that in our experience on this earth language only comes from an intelligent mind. Atheists cant admit it because they would then have to let God into the argument so instead they will deny this like the idiots they are. Anyone that thinks that life came about by blind chance and chemical interactions has been on drugs too long and needs to join the world of common sense because they obviously havent read up on the odds of this happening which might as well be zero. Atheists arent the brightest apples in the barrel lol I was a former evolutionist for 42 years until I took the time to read the claims that evolution was making and also reading teh arguments of intelligent design advocates, after that I slapped myself for being idiotic enough to be fooled all these years and I switched from evolution to intelligent design. Atheists cant switch because they wont God in the argument so they will , even out of sheer ignorance deny any good objections to evolution. They are like monkeys that close their ears with their hands. Paul B, please show me one observable instance in nature where macroevolution happened? You cant can you lol. This is the typical ignorant atheist assertions that they cant even back up with science. As a matter of fact show me on experiment biologists have even induced it in the lab. Paul sorry but you are teh one who believes in myths not me.
Affton Originally Answered: Since Scientist create the experiments for Evolution does that make them the Creator?
Evolution cannot be proven due to the time periods involved and the historical element of it. Also most of evolution can never be observed. Evolution is accepted because of proof by authority, and by the desire to explain away God. The scientist cannot be the creator since the earth was here before them. It is true a creator that is not of the physical world is required to create life. There is no way that can happen without a cause or design.

Thornton Thornton
"i have said ye are gods but ye shall die like men...", we already are. Evolution does not exempt gods nor angels nor God. As we help the little ones, children and ants, there are greater beings who condone us to enable us to grow with them in common effort. For the highest in our hierarchy as well as the lowest together must evolve. "None shall be saved until that last blade of grass..." carries the truth of evolution.
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Quinlan Quinlan
You found it. You found Hope. Without it - we have nothing. A friend with Hope - That is a friend worth having. Your lines are beautiful and poignant. I was moved and left with a wistful smile and a small timid blue flame in my heart, one word - perhaps. Another word - until.
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Quinlan Originally Answered: How many evolution theories are there? e.g. chemical evolution, cosmic evolution?
Well when the majority of creationists are fed rubbish from preachers that evolution cannot be true because 'otherwise there wouldn't be any monkeys left', what do you expect? How do you expect a people to grasp a concept that they don't even have a rudimentary knowledge of or at least enough knowledge to understand that evolution is not humans evolving from monkeys? I'm not a scientist but I know that the idea of dismissing evolution as 'just a theory' is plain stupidity, as if it's just an idea that was plucked out of the air. I suppose the 'theory of gravity' was plucked out of the air? I suppose existence is only a theory too? Do people who say stuff like that know even half of what goes into establishing a theory? Certain groups of Muslims frequently use the Doctor metaphor, suggesting that you wouldn't (and shouldn't) visit a layman to request to request medical reatments for an ailment and likewise you shouldn't visit someone who isn't a learned scholar for Islamic advice and yet these people believe all that is fed to them by clerics without a substantiated education in evolutionary biology. I do wonder how long everyone can just put their fingers in their ears and ignore all the evidence put before them.

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