How come I can't get a job?

How come I can't get a job? Topic: Random jobs application
July 19, 2019 / By Bertred
Question: I've handed in so many applications to so many places. Its been a little over a month and no one will hire me. No one even called me. I know im a 17 year old with no expierience but everyone has to start somewhere right. Its just really frustrating
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Africa Africa | 3 days ago
Are you JUST handing in applications, or are you following up -- calling 3 days to a week later and asking the status of your application? Do you hand your paperwork to any random employee, or do you always ask to speak to a manager, where you introduce yourself, shake his hand, and state your desire to work for him? If you ARE doing these things, then you just need to keep looking. If any of your friends have jobs, see if they can put in a good word for you to their managers. If you AREN'T doing these things, give them a shot; see if it helps at all.
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Thurston Thurston
3 answers so far, and only 1/5 of one answer is correct ( the first line from " stephie " ).......1st of all, you have only been looking for 1 month ; many people have been looking for 2 years or more ; second - this is a tough economy, and there are millions of people looking for work, so you have lots of company; next - you need to look online where employers hire from - don't try to go in person to any place unless it's a very small store or restaurant that doesn't have a website; apply wherever you can, then wait 10 business days and send a "reminder" email that you are very interested in the position
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Quinn Quinn
Try less skilled labor, but mostly try to meet the managers somehow, get that face time, even if it's just to say hello. Otherwise applications, even really good ones, are pieces of paper and companies aren't desperate for labor right now.
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Manley Manley
u need to get an employment specialist to help u find a job. An employment specialist can help u with ur job applications and resume. he, or she can go with u to the interview and recommend employers to hire u. ur employment specialist can also take u to the job places such as shopping mall to look for jobs.
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