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Help me with my essay? Topic: Junk food and health essays
July 19, 2019 / By Beryl
Question: please somebody help me with this paragraph essay my teacher say that i need examples on my paragraph, any idea?? In, the other hand, marijuana has a long term consequences. Marijuana can increases appetite but the food they eat is generally snack food, like cookies and junk food. They also exercise less and sleep more, all of which contributes to weight gain. People who use marijuana can cause suicidal thoughts. Marijuana use provides a short term euphoric feeling; those users start to feel more anxious and can even start to deal depression. These feelings of depression and anxiety can increase suicidal thoughts in people who use marijuana. Marijuana contains chemicals that are harmful to the health. When marijuana is inhaled, it is usually held in for times longer than cigarette smoke, thus allowing tar and other chemicals to be absorbed into the lungs and this can cause respiratory problems. thanks
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Africah Africah | 4 days ago
You should research news articles of people who used marijuana. Many times during my English class I had to research specific people and even use quotes too. It's ok to delve deeper. Like this, Marijuana provides a short term euphoric feeling, for example so-and-so (you put the person's name there) felt like this when they used it. Know what I'm saying? Hope your paper goes great :)
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