May i nab some information regarding paganism, and Wicca from you?

May i nab some information regarding paganism, and Wicca from you? Topic: Very broad topic for a research
July 19, 2019 / By Bessy
Question: i am interested in learning more about them, so i figured asking my fellow humans who know/study/practice them might be able to give me a hand. thanks in advance :)
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Afton Afton | 7 days ago
Re: Wicca Info Here's some copypasta from one of my other answers on the same topic. Hope it helps! --------------------------------------... Telling you about it would take up too much space. Do a bit of research on it yourself. If your school or library doesn't have the following books (which they most likely won't), go to a local store like Barnes&Noble or Borders and read through the books there. They usually don't mind if people read through books while in the store, so get as much reading done as you can. I think a great series that covers pretty much every important aspect is the "Temple of..." series by Christopher Penczak (Inner Temple, Outer Temple, Shamanic Temple, Ceremonial, etc). There's several and they cover all levels of information, from the bare-bones basics, to introductory meditations and ritual work, ethics, community issues, to much more advanced theology and occultism, right up to the Ceremonial magick aspects of the Craft. He has a plethora of down-to-earth knowledge, and has a wonderful way of writing in accessible language that anyone can understand and that appeals to folks of many and varied traditions. His books are a wellspring of really amazing and accurate information...and if you are interested in practicing, by applying yourself to the lessons in his books you'd come out of things with a wonderful training foundation. HIGHLY recommended. You may also want to grab "Progressive Witchcraft" by Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone. Another really wonderful book with plenty of valuable information. I also really enjoy "Witch Crafting" by Phyllis Currott, which goes into the more shamanic approaches to Wicca. "The Pagan Path" by Janet and Stewart Farrar and Gavin Bone is a great book that outlines the basics of most Pagan practices. There are, of course, so many derivations, that it is very difficult to speak in universialities, but they do a pretty good job introducing the topic in a more broad context. On that note Penczak also talks alot about the various perspectives within the different Pagan and Wiccan communities, as well as those of different occult and magickal traditions. Alot of people will likely recommend Cunningham - and he is great, but honestly he was writing in another time and his books (such as "...Solitary Practitioner") are really rather sparse compared to what you can get in other respectable and accurate resources nowadays. Now, his encyclopedias and recipe books are to-die-for. I highly recommend those!
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Afton Originally Answered: Serious questions about Wicca/Paganism?
Different Wiccans are called by different gods and goddesses. There is definitely a connection between us and them. Wiccans might also appeal to other deities with whom they have less of a relationship as appropriate. Wiccans have eight holidays, including both solstices and both equinoxes. Celebrations vary greatly, but here's some general ideas: http://wicca.cnbeyer.com/sabbat.shtml There's no reason you can't learn a magical practice at the same time as you're studying Wicca. Indeed, you never really stop studying either, so waiting until you are "done" doesn't even really work. There are a minority of people who say true Wiccans are initiated into covens. However, that is not the common use of the word today, and a good number of coven-trained Wiccans have no problem with eclectic (solitary) Wiccans. The internet is a scary place for Wicca, and I say that having written one. I'd prefer you be suspicious of all sites than to accept them all at face value. My suggestions: http://wicca.cnbeyer.com/book_recommenda... (starting with Wicca for Beginners by Thea Sabin) And more reviews: http://wicca.cnbeyer.com/books.shtml All of the above answers deal with Wicca. "Paganism" is a wide collection of religions (including Wicca). You can't generalize it as different pagan faiths can be radically different from one another.

Tiarnan Tiarnan
Paganism really is an umbrella term for a number of groups, explaining what is meant by it as a whole is sort of like explaining all Abrahamic religions as a group. Wicca is one religion under that umbrella. It is a modern polytheistic religion with an agrarian calendar. I believe http://wicca.timerift.net is one of the best current sources of information for Wicca in general.
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Radley Radley
This is a Pagan encyclopedia site, it will take you through (all)the different philosophies encompassed in the term Pagan http://paganpedia.mind-n-magick.com/wiki...
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Mark Mark
My page contains some info and links to more info about my own branch of Neopaganism, Nordic Paganism. http://www.geocities.com/lilith_ravenmoo...
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Jerijah Jerijah
Contact [email protected] Will try to answer any and all specific questions as best I can. Not gonna try here.
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Jerijah Originally Answered: Why is Wicca or Paganism so complicated?
I think what you'll find within Paganism or branches of it like Wicca, is that Pagans generally WANT to learn and study. Unlike the participants in revealed religions, i.e. religions that come from a few elders who have received sacred information from the 'most high', Pagans tend to take an active role in their religious life because they don't believe that any one deity or special group of individuals has 'the answer', or that the answers found are finite and stagnant. In modern Paganism it's important to generate your own relationship with the world around you, the gods, or whatever you may consider holy and sacred. So, it follows that a Pagan would want to do all the research he/she could in order to understand, and better connect to, what he/she holds sacred. I wouldn't be put off by Paganism, you already know how you feel about things if you really listen to yourself. Paganism merely gives you the leeway to investigate those interests and innate spiritual tendencies within yourself. Really if your interested in Paganism the best place to start (and end) is with the mythologies of the culture(s) your interested in...that's really all you need. Keep it Jolly, Todd.

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