How Do I Leave My Muslim Father?

How Do I Leave My Muslim Father? Topic: How to prepare a business plan free
July 21, 2019 / By Bethany
Question: First things first. My father is Muslim will my mother is a non-practicing Catholic. I have lived in the U.S. all my life and I am now 15 years old. My father is Syrian and was sent to the states to get a higher education, while here, he got his green card from marrying my mother. All of his family is still in Syria. Lets make this clear, I do NOT want some religious bullcrap at the moment so please try to be helpful for me. He has, in short, made my life a living hell. It's still a living hell as I type. He is a crazy narcissist and will bring me with him to live in Syria for the rest of my life once I at least finish college, or even high school. He is not understanding at all and is stubborn. He's very conservative, while simultaneously being a hypocrite and indulging in all things western will expecting me to be his free pass to "72-virgin-land." Thus being said, I. WANT. OUT. I'm not spending the rest of my life with this bastard and I have no qualms with estranging myself from him. He has threatened to kill me before an has hit me and all of that other good stuff. So what I'm asking you is, how do I disappear from his life? I don't want him finding me after I leave. This will probably take place in 3-7 years. I want all the tips and advice you can give me from packing tips to lodging to money. Also, my mother is supportive of me and dislikes my father as well. She will help me so factor her in as well. @ Sharhabeel ...or the police will let him go with a warning and then he'll take that opportunity to murder me. @Mike Butler Thank you for the advice. I'm planning to first rebuild my life elsewhere and far away from him. After that THEN I can enlist the help of any protective services. @ Richard That was actually pretty good advice. Staying with other family members is immensely prudent. I'll start working on income sources as well. But, I am not calling the police no matter what. It will only make things chaotic and messy. @ellyj15 No offense but that idea is somewhat retarded. I am neither financially independent or qualified for any career. Also, Emancipation is complicated, messy and an overall unwise decision, I do not want to estrange myself from my mother in the process.
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Aggy Aggy | 2 days ago
For such an undertaking this is going to have to take a lot of planning, and so you are right to start preparing well in advance. Your tragic story is probably repeating itself all over North America. Men and women who come from your father's culture can't expect their children to be raised here, and then adhere to the old world ways. As you already know, in the United States and Canada, daughters are not raised to be the chattels of their parents. But your father doesn't understand that. But I do. Without properly changing your identity, I am afraid that you won't be able to effectively disappear from your fathers radar. You will need to get a job to support yourself, your mother will want to divorce your father, you will need to open a bank account, buy a house, get a credit card, have a phone. All of these things will make it possible for your father to track you down. Plus the saddest part of it all, is your family will be torn apart by his stubbornness and archaic beliefs. If you want to try an easier way, you shouldn't give up on your father completely. If your father is a religious man you might consider talking with his Imam at his Mosque. Most religious leaders know that it doesn't help their religion to be constantly at odds with an entire society. It is far better to socialize their followers rather than alienate everyone. Some form of family councelling needs to take place. Your father has to learn that his methods are going to cost him his entire family if he sticks to his current beliefs. I know it seems impossible, but so is living the rest of your life looking over your shoulder wondering if he's going to find you. I have worked in the security business for almost 40 years, and I know what it takes to hide someone so they can't be found. At best it's only a temporary solution, and it's usually too hard for anyone to keep up for very long. In the movies and on TV it's made to appear like it's an easy thing to do. But you have to give up so much freedom, that you will one day wonder if you traded one prison cell for another. I have seen your additional details, and I see that you aren't willing to seek outside help. But without outside help you will never be able to hide yourself from a person who has enough determination to find you. That is why I urge you to seek some form of resolution with your father. As I said, running away from him and hiding can only be a temporary solution. Making your father accept the realities of what he has done by raising his family in the United States is a better long term solution.
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Tikva Tikva
Ok first of all I'm really sorry for you :// second, I would try to contact child protective services maybe? I'm not exactly sure what they do to be honest >_< but it's worth a try. If you need money I'd suggest a part time job somewhere once you can work. I'd also consult tour mom on financial problems since she's supportive of you and I think shed b willing to help. That's all I can say never sen a question like his I doubt I was very helpful but I sure hope I was :// Good luck man!
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Raleigh Raleigh
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Marlon Marlon
well when u make 18 u can do whatever you want. so if u have some family on your mothers side that will take u in at that time stay with them until u can get a job and support urself or go to school. i would say call the police on your dad but if u do u better have proof. or have your mom call. i wish you the best of luck
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Jerred Jerred
Plain and simple. You are a US citizen dear. If you don't want to go with your father then ask for help from police and law. I am sure your country will do everything to safeguard your rights.
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