Is it a good idea to dribble the soccer ball while i'm jogging?

Is it a good idea to dribble the soccer ball while i'm jogging? Topic: What is technical writing skills
June 27, 2019 / By Bethney
Question: Like go jogging and dribble the soccer ball so i'm jogging and working on my dribbling skills or is that a bad idea or what?
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Aglæca Aglæca | 4 days ago
Great Idea. Keep changing up your drills so you can become great in all aspects of soccer as well as physical fitness. Most importantly you need to be working to become a better Soccer player each and every single day. If you think you’re “good enough” you’re wrong. Make a commitment to improve in some way every day and you will be on the road to Soccer success. If you want to become better you should be looking to improve all areas of your game not just a select few: Technical Skill, Physical Fitness, Mental Toughness, and Tactical Understanding. First of all you need to start training on your own - work to improve the basic ball skills, dribbling, shooting, passing, and ball control. Example: Dribble a ball around the house, practice your passing and shooting on a wall for 10 minutes a day. Work to improve your fitness: strength, power, speed, acceleration, endurance, and flexibility. Example: every second day do 50 push ups, 100 squats, and 50 sit ups .... go for a run every morning, gradually increasing your speed each time. Next you need to always give your best effort on the field. Remember you only have one chance to play that game so leave it all out there. Make a promise to yourself to be the hardest working player on the field, every time you step on the field. You should also start watching professional Soccer at least 1 game per week, you can learn so much from pros. Don't just watch the ball, watch specific players and watch what they do both on and off the ball. If you’re really serious about seeing those improvements your talking about pick up my Free Training Guide and complete the Beginner training program at the end of the book. I promise if you stick to it and give your best effort each day you will see changes in your game. You can get that Free Training Guide as well as weekly tips and updates by filling out the form on the right side bar of my website, I will post the link in the resource box. 

 I want you to write back after you have completed the program and tell me about your improvements. Best of luck and keep me posted on your progress.
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Aglæca Originally Answered: PLEASE HELP! How to kick a soccer ball in the AIR?
DON'T kick with ur toes, u can scoop with ur toes to flick over opponents head in a close range, but if u kick with ur toes, u can't control it and the kick is of very little use. u r doing everything right, just keep on trying and u will get it ok, try kicking it with the part of the foot that is roughly the end of ur toe, i mean the downward part where the laces end. also ask ur sister which part she uses to kick the ball and modify according to ur need. i think being flat footed helps u more to put the ball in air.
Aglæca Originally Answered: PLEASE HELP! How to kick a soccer ball in the AIR?
You mean just kicking the ball like a shot on goal? Keep your head low and try a side swipe kind of kick striking the ball with your laces. If you mean just kicking a bouncing ball out of defense hit your laces part. You only use your toe as a last resort in some cases, but it's unpredictable.

Tim Tim
I think it's awful idea to be honest, unless you're running across a large field like a recreation ground or something. If you go jogging along pathways or on the streets, that could turn into right fun and games.
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Ralphie Ralphie
Yeah it is good as you need to be comfortable with the ball at your feet at all speeds you might be going such as walking, jogging, running and sprinting.
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