Who out there remembers when scientists told us the 'ice age' was going to return? [circa late 70's]

Who out there remembers when scientists told us the 'ice age' was going to return? [circa late 70's] Topic: Circa research
July 16, 2019 / By Bettina
Question: Does anyone see the parallels between the current global warming and previous ice age theories? Maybe scientists really don't know much about the Earth and this is just a way to keep research funds flowing in? The 'newest' attempt at maintaining a level of credibility for the 'global warming' scientist is to attempt to link the two theories, sure seems like there are just guessing (or have $$ or politcal agendas?!?). Let me know what you think.
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Best Answers: Who out there remembers when scientists told us the 'ice age' was going to return? [circa late 70's]

Aidith Aidith | 9 days ago
Well, I wasn't born then but it could still happen. Technically we are well overdue for one, so one should arive soonish. However "soon" an be in 10 years or a million years. Besides, scientist base these estiments on past record and the planet's cycles change with time. If it is global warming you're alluding at it could well bring about an ice age. Strange but true (or at least possible). If large ice masses were to melt , vast quantities of cold water will flow into the ocean's bringing their overall temperature (and the planet's temperature right along with it) way down. That could be enough to flip the climate into a cold faze.
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Toal Toal
Yes, I remember, and as I recall one of the leading theories was based on the observation that the polar ice caps were already shrinking. Apparently, if the ice caps melted enough to raise the oceans and flood large areas of the major continents, it would change the amount of sunlight being reflected back into space and possibly trigger a new ice age. Strange as it may seem, global warming and a new ice age are not mutually exclusive at all.
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Randell Randell
The "ICE AGE" they are talking about isn't going to happen for 30-40 Thousand years. That is what they have always said. Global warming IS happening NOW! Some years may be worse or better than others but the general trend is getting worse. Worse Hurricane's, Worse flooding, Worse droughts and the list goes on. The "ICE AGE" will come sometime in the far distant future, there just wont be any Humans or animals left to see it if global warming can't be stopped.
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Martial Martial
sure they were claiming the glaciers were starting to be and we were heading in the direction of yet another ice age contained in the 80s. in reality i became merely telling a freind that some human beings were turn flopping because the 1800s ice age international warming. I considered a teach on the historic previous channell about it. And it pronounced that the ny circumstances has turn flopped each and every 2 many years or so on them matters. and that i'm almost 50 so I bear in mind the 80s somewhat nicely.
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Jeshua Jeshua
I don't remember that but they are still saying stuff like that. It is a pendulum and they say the before the ice age happened last time, there was a period of global warming prior. And have you notice how different the climates are in the US compared to 15, 20 years ago. I think it is kind or wild and intriguing.
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Glanville Glanville
Yes i remember that but that was before we grasped the global warming problem that we are now faced with. Don't look for an ice age anytime soon. We are headed in the other direction very, very quickly!!
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Doug Doug
I do ! Due to "those ' scientists who claim that a global catastrophe will be unavoidable in the year 2011-2012 ( do to an asteriod ) .....these predictions are also from psycics & from the ancient time-lines that are inscribed in the pyrimids of Egypt and Mian temples !
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Brendon Brendon
Me, too -- actually much of the predictions were in the late 60's! We thought oil would run out in 20 years; and were struggling to understand greenhouse effects. This is why it is so important that today's environmental scientists not cry doom too quickly -- they lost a lot of credibility and we're still feeling the effects of it!
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