Who is jesus? homework assignment?

Who is jesus? homework assignment? Topic: Roman gods homework help
July 21, 2019 / By Betty
Question: I am taking a college BIB class I need 10 people to answer my question. Who is Jesus? Please include your initials, age, gender ethnicity, and religious background if comfortable. Thanks for the help
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Individual vs Society - to find a newspaper/magazine article that talks about something that happened to a person or about how the lives of people are depending on the economy, etc. Cultural Context of Othello vs Roles of Women El. Era - a situtation that happened to a group of people or what did the women do during the El. Era; the kind of jobs they had, etc. One Page Response - type a one page response, concluding how you relate to them/how it relates to everyday life.
Originally Answered: Homework assignment?
I think it means- find a magazine or a newspaper, and there has to be a subject in either of them about * one person debating with a community ? * (i think Othello was a Shakespear story) and cultural context is the location a person lived and how they grew up. ? * What women did in the Elizabethan times. ? Then whatever they are talking about in the newspaper or magazine. (maybe write the article you chose into your jotter or cut it out.) Write your opinions and views about the article. Hope this makes sense :/

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