Desperately Need Help! Looking for any job that any job that does'nt require a polished background?

Desperately Need Help! Looking for any job that any job that does'nt require a polished background? Topic: What should be in a cover letter uk
June 17, 2019 / By Bettye
Question: I'm tired of lacking work! I admit my background & work history is for sh*t but are'nt we all allowed a second chance...why don't employers ask if you're able to perform the job!?! Would'nt that be ideal? I'm looking for a night job, don't care what (no specialized fields- must be something a chimp can do!) & I need it to pay regularly...& the boss should decide if he should hire me on the spot...I need this to be a So. California job (L.A., San Bernardino, Riverside counties) & in a perfect world this job will be something I can actually look forward to working at! I know this is a lot to hope for...but, "The wheel that does'nt squeek; does'nt get oiled!!! I thank you for any help!!!
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Best Answers: Desperately Need Help! Looking for any job that any job that does'nt require a polished background?

Ailee Ailee | 1 day ago
Firstly, congrats on wanting work so much. As an employer (in the UK, sorry not much help for you), I try to concentrate more on a candidate's energy and desire together with the skills that they can present. I'm less interested in what a person has done and more interested in what they can and will do. That said, its rare to find employers like that anywhere (I have experienced bad times and know how hard it was getting back on the work wagon). So, all I can offer you, is advice on what I find appealing in people looking for work with me. 1. Go the extra mile - Make that application stand out and show the employer that you really want the job. Don't just fill out the application form or send in your CV. Write out a cover letter, specific to that job. Research the company a little so that you can inform them of how you would benefit them based on what you know of them. Make sure you tailor your CV to each job individually. Never lie, but be sure only to focus on the things that will help you get each job. Start with a generic CV, and then alter it for each job accordingly. Be sure to check spelling AND grammer. Make sure everything is perfect. The way the recruiter will see it is simply 'if you can't be bothered to provide a perfect application you won't be bothered to do the job properly'. Get a friend to read through the cover letter and CV, then ask for honest opinions. Put at the end of your cover letter that you will contact the recruiter within a timescale - say in 10 days or 14 days. Then send them another letter following up your application. You are demonstrating that you really want the job. If you get an interview but do not get the job, be sure to write to the recruiter expressing your gratitude for the interview and ask them for any feedback they can give on your performance. Also state that should a position which they feel you may be suited for arrises, that you would be very grateful for the opportunity to apply. This again demonstrates commitment - something valued by recruiters. 2. Be sure of why you are looking for this job. No recruiter wants to hear the phrases 'I want to work', 'I need the money' or 'I need a job'. That is the quickest way to end your interview early. Think of why you want to work for that company and what it is about that job role that attracts you. That said, do not be affraid of saying that you want to work for THAT company in a better role, but understand that your past would make that a gamble for them so you are looking to show your dedication and aptitude, working your way up. Be careful - they do not want to hear that you just want a better job, they want to hear that you want a better job with them. 3. Be able to make light conversation from the questions. Never give a single sentance answer. If you want the job, you have got to sell yourself, and that means you need to make every effort to communicate. If you have to take a second to think, do so, but make your answers really count. 4. Be confident. You are selling yourself to the recruiter, but if you go without confidence they will automatically discount you. That said, do not confuse confidence with arrogance. Be sincere in everything you say. 5. Know your own worth. You know why you would be good at a given job, so make sure that the recruiter knows why you would be good. If you are not sure how impressed the recruiter is, try suggesting a trial period. Make the terms favourable for the company to get your foot in the door. Remember that everything is an opportunity to do something to get yourself noticed, and taking the initiative to suggest a trial is one such way. I wish you the best of luck, remember that your past is not who you are, nor who you will be in the future - it is simply a lesson that you have learned to make you wiser. Don't let anything that has happened hold you back, sieze the inititive and take control of your destiny. You are welcome to contact me by e-mail if there are any questions you feel I may be able to answer, or any help I may be able to offer.
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