Where/How do i get ready in the morning with no room?

Where/How do i get ready in the morning with no room? Topic: Homework computer desk
July 19, 2019 / By Beverly
Question: Hi i just started to get into makeup and i have absolutely no place to prepare in the morning for school. im just getting into the makeup craze and i want to save up and buy makeup before the end of summer (because my parents wont give me money, which i could see would be reasonable). i have a pretty small bedroom and share 2 bathrooms with 7 other people. It gets super hectic (especially in the morning when there is school). i want to be able to do it in my room but i don't have any where to put a desk. i do have a main desk for homework, computer, and a bunch of random stuff, such as art, but i need somewhere to put my computer. i do have a bunch of junk in my empty closet but if i did do something there, it would be pretty cramped. but if i have to resort, i will. got any ideas of somewhere i can do it? thanks! (and i know its summer, i am just trying to get a head start...)
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Aileen Aileen | 2 days ago
Step One Get a TV Dinner Tray that can be folded up and stacked neatly in a corner somewhere in your room. Step Two Get a container in which the makeup you use can be placed. Step Three Do a quick set up in the open space of your room, apply your makeup, and put everything away properly when finished. Total Time Consumed -- 15 minutes. NOTE: If it takes longer than that, you are wearing too much makeup. LOL
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Toby Toby
i wouldnt propose u to coach ur makeup on ur homework table or mattress through fact issues could desire to get a splash messy, i might propose u to awaken in the previous than something of ur kin and then start to coach ur makeup interior the bathing room,yet while that isn't a real looking thought for u i woul propose u to sit down on ur mattress room floor lay out all ur makeup and prepare there.
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Randulf Randulf
You can put a big mirror and just put it on the wall and lean it against the wall. :) xoxo, Cat!
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