I'm feeling really sleepy lately?

I'm feeling really sleepy lately? Topic: Sleeping while doing homework in the morning
July 19, 2019 / By Biddy
Question: Heya, I'm an 18 year old female and I'm just wondering why I am so sleepy lately. Basically, up to 2-3 months ago I could stay up until 3 in the morning without caffeine, just pure energy. I did get sleep, don't get me wrong I didn't go to bed at 3 everyday but that was when I would start to feel sleepy. But lately once it gets to half 11 I seriously just crash, I can't even keep my eyes open I get so tired. And a few times I've just fallen asleep while doing my homework. One night I crashed so bad I went to sleep at 7pm. Really weird. I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but I work out 2-3 times a week at the gym, Ive been doing it more often lately. Can someone tell me if they know what this is?
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Ailie Ailie | 5 days ago
That is sleep deprivation. Sleep for at least 7-9hours a day. The symtoms will not disappear so be patient. It will be completely cured if you have adequate sleep daily for at least a week. Goodluck:)
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Ailie Originally Answered: Sleepy? Tired?
Vitaman b will give you natural energy. What you eat in the morning will definitly make you more tired at school. Do you eat cereal in the morning? All those carbs make you crash and feel very tired. Try eating more protein in the morning like cottage cheese, walnuts, pecans, sesame seeds.....all of those sound gross? what about peanut butter and bananna? thats high in protein, and the bananna will give you some energy too.
Ailie Originally Answered: Sleepy? Tired?
well some people would say "energy drinks! soda!" but really you should try instead of texting on your cell phone, listening to music, or reading in your spare time, doing as much of your homework as possible. if it becomes a serious problem, drop some other commitments, because sleep and homework should come before sports. and it would help by eating healthy and energizing foods such as fruits and energy bars such as nature valley and power bar as snacks and for breakfast to give you more energy. and drink plenty of water, fruit juices, and fruit smoothies for energy. jamba juice offers an energy boost in your smoothie for 50 cents to a dollar extra.

Tolbert Tolbert
Normally, a human needs about 8 hour sleep PER day. In your situation, you have been sleeping late occasionally. You also mentioned about exercising at the gym. Your body is already tired and you lack sleep on certain days and you still exercise. I had experienced the same problem. I had studied on a midterm all night and morning and then, everything started to crash on me so I was forced to partake of huge amounts of caffeine and energy drinks which makes it worse at the end!! **I would say that you should try to rearrange your times so you can gain 8-10 hour sleep per day. You will feel so refreshed on most of the mornings!! If you have to study for a huge test, then do stay up late then make it up. Oversleeping is bad for you too! you will feel more tired.**
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Tolbert Originally Answered: How do I stop being so sleepy during the day?
Go to your doctor for a check-up and tell him about your problems with sleeping, but don't let him prescribe you any drugs for it. Ask if he knows of a sleep research center in your area. My MIL just had a sleep study done at a sleep research center and she found out that she has sleep apnea, which basically means she doesn't get enough oxygen while she's sleeping. They are helping her correct that problem.
Tolbert Originally Answered: How do I stop being so sleepy during the day?
Maybe you have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, or depression. Or it could be something physical. Go to a doctor and have a thorough physical. Tell him how tired you are all the time. You might also have a sleep disorder.

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