Does anyone have any answers about depression?

Does anyone have any answers about depression? Topic: Problem solving steps decision making
July 19, 2019 / By Billie
Question: ok about a 2 months ago i took 22 paxil at ounce because me and my boyfriend got in to an argument,and they cleaned out of my system about 3 or 4 weeks ago,i dont feel normal, everyday i wake up i feel slightly buzzed barely but i hate it,i was just wondering if anyone could help me with this my psychiatrist perscribed me (geodon)for scitzaphrania and bipolar because thats what he thinks i have he said if i take this that it would make me feel normal again, but im so scared to take it because the last medication he pescribed didnt work neither i dont know but if anyone caould prolly help me out it would be great!
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Ailsa Ailsa | 7 days ago
Yes someone does have the answers about your depression. You do. That's the key to depression. It's life's hurdle, if you have the moxy to step up to it. You look within for strength, ideas, motivation and happiness. If you don't try and find it (by making consistent, repeated decisions to TAKE control), you'll always be depressed because it'll either bear down on you, or you'll always be convinced your life isn't worth it (because the meds did the work for you). That's what I realized, that's when I stopped the effexor, wellbutrin, serzone and depacote cold turkey and decided I'd rather risk my behavior be considered "socially unacceptable" than to be controlled by chemicals. Then, I had to actually deal with the problems I avoided through the meds, and they're all not even solved yet. But it's been 4 years and things have worked out well..I've accepted that problems (challenges) are what make life complete and happiness possible. Good luck!
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I've done a lot of research on bipolar and I haven't really found a consistent cause for depression, just the mania. But anit-depressants don't work on the depression because in a study they found a placebo was more effective than the antidepressant. So it's not particularly chemical. So it is very possible that an event 17 years ago could have triggered it. It's called diathesis stress model. You could have been predisposed to bipolar, but had a supportive environment and nothing to trigger it, but this even disrupted everything.

Tom Tom
You need to call the psychiatrist and tell them how you are feeling. Only a licensed, bona fide doctor can tell you what is best for you to do. I would get ahold of the psychiatrists office on Monday if I were you. You'll just have to tell him about taking 22 paxils at once. It's the only way to not lie to him. Without honesty to him he can't help you very well. OK?
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Raven Raven
You did something really stupid, sometimes we think that by doing something drastic we can get what we want! Sometimes it takes different medications until you find the one you do well with.
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Mat Mat
well it wouldnt hurt. and its better to take a chance to get better then to let yourself live your life "buzzed"
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