Why does my calculus teacher dislike me so much? Am I extremely hideous?

Why does my calculus teacher dislike me so much? Am I extremely hideous? Topic: Should teachers give students too much homework
July 21, 2019 / By Bithia
Question: I'm a junior and I'm currently taking AP Calculus BC. I understand that many students love to complain about their teachers, but I have a legitimate reason for disliking my teacher. He is lazy, rude, hates his job, and doesn't want to help his students learn. The only reason why he hasn't been fired yet is that he is extremely witty and many kids love him for his humor. He is insensitive and does not encourage his students to ask questions. I asked him about a homework question today, he blatantly ridicules me by saying, "What if I told you that you should already know how to do this problem? Are you too lazy to learn?" I told him that no one was quite as intelligent as he was and that maybe he could spread his knowledge by showing me how to do the problem. My class laughed. He dislikes me because he either calls me by my last name or points at me and says, "YOU!" He calls the other female students by their first names. He's been discouraging me from asking questions so often lately that I've stopped raising my hand in class completely. I have an A in the class because I watch instructional videos on youtube. My teacher only teaches for half the class and jokes around with students during the other half. His tests are extremely difficult and he doesn't bother going over them after he returns them to my class. Also, he doesn't even bother checking my homework. He automatically gives me 100s, which irritates me because he looks over my classmates' homework.
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Best Answers: Why does my calculus teacher dislike me so much? Am I extremely hideous?

Ailsie Ailsie | 9 days ago
This guy sounds EXACTLY to the T like my old math teacher. This is guy isn't named Lucien Power's by any chance, is he??? Well if so, then my dear go transfer schools! lol Seriously though, with my old teacher he would never help and always make jokes and then yell at us 5 minutes later for not being finished yet. If you asked for help he'd simply tell you to ask the kid next to you. He was a complete a*s. Talk to your parents about it and maybe then can send complaints to the school, but in all honestly, nothing you can do is going to change him. Because of my teachers idiotic ways last year, I got 51% in math. At my new school I actually LIKE math. I'm getting 83%. I NEVER got over 65% with my old teacher and now I almost have an A in math!!!! Seriously, switch math classes or schools or something but thats just ridiculous. I feel your pain.
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Raymond Raymond
"He automatically gives me 100s, which irritates me because he looks over my classmates' homework." Quit stealth-bragging. Poor you, your teacher gives you A's, he must hate you. Yeah, it's probably because you're hideous.
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Mathew Mathew
And we're supposed to know.....how? How do you expect people who don't even know who the hell you are on the internet to know why your math teacher doesn't like you.
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